For our latest edition of Point/Counterpoint, we’ve decided to take a look at two returning stars, and an apparent star turn as well at the end of Monday’s RAW.

1-Which return has you more excited, Brock or Batista?

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Point-JMD: For me, for now, it’s the Animal. Two reasons. For one, we don’t yet know if the Animal is a part timer, or if it’s a more full-time return. With Brock, you know it’s only part time.  Second, there’s a chance that it’s face Animal, and I can remember popping when he’d storm to the ring with that Saliva tune blaring. In my opinion, it’s one of the best entrance themes used by a WWE superstar in the past 15 years.

Counter-AR: I have to go with Brock Lesnar here; Lesnar has a unique style that Batista just does not have. You wonder what that is. Well that is the special feeling when you see him pop up out of the blue every time. When Batista makes his return, yes it will be a feel good moment and a couple of appearance later that feeling with go away. With Lesnar every time he appears it is a special feeling. You have a guy who goes out and destroys people every time.  We have seen Batista versus guys like Orton, Cena, Punk and others. Of course he will have fresh match ups with guys like Bryan, Shield and others. Lesnar is one of a kind, you have not seen him before and possible we will never see it again.

2-Are the returns of Brock and Batista good or bad for business:

Point-JMD: As much as Hunter wants to cram them down as good for business, I think they are bad. 4 months ago, Punk and Bryan were at the main event level of the company, in main events on PPVs.  Now, while Bryan was just in the RAW Main Event, he’s not headlining a PPV. Punk opened the show. We don’t yet know exactly what Batista is going to be running with, though if the rumors are true, he could be in line for a title match. Brock has already staked his claim to a title match, apparently at Elimination Chamber against whomever leaves the Rumble as champion. Aside from Punk and Bryan, there are several other emerging young stars who are, or will be, worthy of title shots, and who are already full timers. Giving either Brock or Batista similar treatment like the Rock or Jericho makes me wonder. Rock clearly earned it. Brock has some name recognition, but is nowhere near the level of the Rock, in terms of fame or accomplishments. Batista has had more success in a WWE ring than Brock, and if he’s back for a full time run I will look upon him less harshly for it….but I think sliding Brock and Batista into the main event scene and pushing out guys like Daniel and CM Punk, and delaying elevating other young stars, could be bad for business. Times like this is when I miss Ted Turner’s WCW…because when a pissed off star’s contract is expiring in WWE, now they have no major fed to jump to. When WCW was around, Bryan could have told Vince to stuff it for being passed over.

Counter-AR: I think it good for business and here is why. It brings bigger names to the promotion when needed. Yes the younger stars are the future but with bigger and well established names coming in, they give younger stars a chance to get mega over, but also get experience from the veterans who actually made it big in WWE. I don’t have a problem with Batista or Brock Lesnar being in the top angle/ being World Heavyweight champion. Let’s say Lesnar wins the championship, if WWE books it correctly, Daniel Bryan is the best candidate, could challenge for the title and get over huge. Think about it, have Lesnar destroy Bryan for a couple of weeks and then have the payoff for the underdog beat “The Beast Incarnate” for the world title. How could that not be good for business?

3-What do you make of Daniel Bryan joining the Family?

Point-JMD: He has a beard, so it makes sense….In all seriousness, I think it was done well. You sensed it was not easy for Daniel to do. He showed he was still torn as he walked to the back with the Wyatts. But, he has turned, apparently. It kind of feels a bit like Cena joining the Nexus, in that I assume Daniel may come to his senses and eventually destroy from within, but I wonder how this plays out. Does he come out and assume a role like Eric and Luke, being told by Bray what to do and when to do it, and obeying orders? Or will Daniel continue to tease inner conflict? I am excited for what could come of this because it’s one of the more psychological angles we’ve seen WWE really run with of late.

Counter-AR: You compare this angle with the Nexus-John Cena from back in 2010, but oh how I disagree. That angle had Cena losing a match and was forced to join the Nexus clan. In this angle with Bryan, he was beaten so bad that he made the decision to join them. He could continue to get beat down every week but instead. Made the right choice to go with the Wyatt Family. He could play along and make us think he is with them, and then switch and get revenge on them. He is too over with the fans to fully turn heel and be with them full time. He can go along but then go right back to the fans (who would accept him with open arms) and act like nothing happened. 

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