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We’re months away from WrestleMania 34 and WWE will starting confirming their top matches in the next few weeks. There were recently reports that Jericho might not appear as he’s booked for a Fozzy show earlier the day. Still, Jericho might somehow find a way to make the card and here are some possible opponents.

Brock Lesnar

Going back to last year’s SummerSlam, there was a reported incident between Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar. Basically, Jericho wanted to speak with Lesnar after he destroyed Randy Orton (in what basically looked like a shoot to fans at home), resulting in a quick backstage scuffle. From reports, Jericho held his own against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Jericho has been with WWE for over 15 years and he’s basically worked a program with every major star. Lesnar is one of the few wrestlers left for Jericho to take on and the backstory is pretty interesting. Sometimes, bringing reality into the storylines helps.

Kurt Angle

With Kurt Angle officially cleared by WWE to wrestle again and already taking part in two pay per views, there’s no doubt the promotion is going to use him as much as possible. WWE could go three ways with Angle: work with younger talent, veterans from his past or a mix of both. I would like to see Angle work with younger talent, if they can deliver a decent match, but facing Chris Jericho is appealing. There’s no doubt that Angle’s in-ring work as declined in recent years and that was bound to happen. I’m honestly shocked he’s managed to wrestle this long. Jericho can wrestle a broom and still sell that to the crowd. I think Jericho vs. Angle would be a great match as Y2J can help bring the best out of the RAW General Manager.

AJ Styles

No, I didn’t forget that Chris Jericho and AJ Styles met two years ago at WrestleMania. For the most part, there weren’t any major concerns with the match. If it wasn’t WrestleMania, they probably would have been given more time and the longer these two masters of their craft went, the better. Styles has somewhat hinted that he can’t wrestle the same style for another 10 years. The guy is forty years old and Jericho has about seven years on him, so both are widening down their careers. I don’t have issues with them wrestling again at WrestleMania; there’s no need for a major program as they will tell their story inside the squared circle.

Finn Balor

With Chris Jericho only working part-time with WWE, he’s missed the chance to work with some of the latest signees. Several of the top talents from around the world have made their way to WWE and Finn Balor is one of them. With news that Vince McMahon isn’t sold on Balor, I think tossing him in the ring with Jericho will solve any problems. Balor was one of the biggest stars around the world, while Jericho worked for WWE. Now, they’re in the same company and there’s no reason for WWE to not book the match. It would be an internet fans dream to see these two meet.

Bobby Roode

I feel like one of the main reasons Chris Jericho keeps coming back to WWE is because he loves to help the business by working with talent on the cusp of becoming a main event level star. Bobby Roode has only been with WWE’s main roster for a few months and he’s floating between mid-carder and main eventer. There seems to be a decent chance that Roode might be world champion somewhere in the next 18 months and that rub from Jericho could be the stepping stone. There’s a bunch of young wrestlers that probably want to work against Jericho, but Roode’s popularity is at a high.

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