The Divas division continued its upward trend at Night of Champions 2013 with the Fatal-4-Way. AJ Lee defended her title in a Fatal 4-Way that showed off Naomi’s athleticism, Natalya’s ring skills, and AJ opportunistic nature. With the exception of 2 key botches, the off-top-rope crossbody and the lack of a pin by the referee with two sets of shoulders on the mat, the match showed that there is deep potential in the Divas division. How did each Diva do? Let’s look at each one and assess their performances.

Naomi- Naomi looked great in the ring otherwise and great in general. (Jay Uso is a lucky man) She was smoother in the ring tonight than she’s been in the past, demonstrating the fruits of combining her refined athleticism with good mat training. She showed the greater WWE Universe how much potential she has to be a great grappler, and it’s exciting to think about the heights she can reach. She’ll soon be a legitimate player and a very credible threat to AJ.

Brie-Brie Bella was serviceable in her role, being decent in the ring and helping Naomi and Natalya to look strong. She didn’t do much, but her strength is in playing the heel “Mean Girl” role not in mixing it up in the ring—although,  she has improved.

natalyablackNatalya-Nattie had an interesting performance in the match. She was involved in a missed crossbody that could have been a bad botch, (or just badly executed deliberate miss) but then she created the highlight of the match with the double sharpshooter. The Double Sharpshooter was good stuff. It was trending worldwide getting as high as #3 during NOC. She sold AJ’s kick to the back of the head very well and is now set up for a potential feud with AJ.

AJ- She continued to take a book from Rated-R Superstar, Edge and find opportunistic ways to exploit situations and opponents. As almost the Divas equivalent of Ziggler when it comes to selling, she oversold a few moves but that can only be good for the division. The other girls looked stronger and it allowed her to remain low key until the end of the match when she attacked Noami and slapped on the Black Widow. Her application of the Octopus Hold is consistently fluid and a marvel to watch.

In the end, the Diva that most people wanted to win retained her title. While AJ has only held the title for 3 months, (as of today) it feels like she’s been the champ for a while. She dispatched Kaitlyn twice, and holds the title with such pride and prestige that she seems like she’s had it for at least half a year. Bringing respect back to the Divas title is commendable, but she will continue to have challengers.  That being said, who’s AJ’s next challenger for the Divas title? Does she continue to feud with the complete Total Divas roster, does she pick one of the three Divas on the show from the 4-Way, or does Kaitlyn bring her glam-rock/bodybuilder style back into the picture to be another hurdle for AJ to overcome?

AJ lee 2 ftu I’m confident that AJ would be able to pull off a good feud with Nattie or Naomi, and have good matches with either of them. Then, once Paige is eventually called up, the Divas division will continue to ascend and transcend expectations. Once a scourge on the eyes of some wrestling fans, the Divas division has now rebounded into a credible competitor to TNA’s infamous Knockout division. Featuring dynamic characters, good wrestling, and decent matches, it should be interesting to see where they go with AJ and these three girls from here.

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