Cena vs. Punk

Best Match
CM Punk vs. John Cena
There is no doubt that this match was the best of the night. Whenever you see Cena and Punk matches, one can’t help but be impressed. As Michael Cole said, the tension and emotion these two superstars put into the match. Both Cena and Punk bring out the best in their opponents so when they square off, it’s an instant classic. I would’ve preferred a less clean finish, but there was no doubt that Cena would be in the WWE title match at WrestleMania.

Surprise Cameo of the Night
There were not any surprises tonight, but we did witness the returns of Triple H and Brock Lesnar. When Mr. McMahon challenged Paul Heyman to a fight, it was widely expected that Triple H and Brock Lesnar would get involved. Still, it was an exciting moment and great cameos by Triple H and Lesnar. Triple H’s new look and Lesnar busting wide open were the highlights of this segment.

LOL Moment of the Night
Whether he is the assistant general manager or the assistant to the general manager, Brad Maddox made me laugh out loud tonight on Raw. During a typical backstage segment involving Team Hell No, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox interrupted the tag team champions. While Vickie discussed Team Hell No’s match with the Prime Time Players, Maddox constantly repeated what Vickie had to say and then finished by referring to them as Team Brickie. Hilarious.

WTF Moment of the Night –
No Undertaker? After pictures surfaces a couple weeks ago and he returned at a house show this past weekend, many fans were expecting the Undertaker on Raw. Then again, it would have been really obvious if the dead man did get involved in Punk’s match on Raw. Now the speculation can continue as to whether or not Undertaker will perform at WrestleMania this year.

Zeb 2

Speech of the Night
There were a number of good speeches tonight on Raw. CM Punk gave another solid promo where he finished by referring to himself as God. Zeb Colter also provided solid mic work as one could have easily forgotten that Swagger was even in the ring. Finally, The Shield continues to impress on the mic, especially Dean Ambrose.

Logic Fail of the Night
Logic would tell someone if you have a heart attack, fast food probably is a terrible choice. Well, tonight on Raw, Jerry Lawler was seen eating and promoting Sonic. It wasn’t that long ago that Lawler collapsed due to a heart attack during an episode of Raw. There are so many other ways WWE could have promoted Sonic. The last choice should have been using Lawler.

Worst Match
No terrible matches tonight. Henry and Khali probably get this award because any match with Khali tends to be the worst.

HHH and Lesnar

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night
As discussed earlier, Triple H and Brock Lesnar returned during Heyman and McMahon’s fight. There were a number of moments during the two superstars’ fight that would make one say those famous words. Brock Lesnar hitting his head on the pole and busting wide open? Possibly. Maybe even Triple H’s entrance. Despite maybe not wanting to see this match again, WWE is hyping it up well.

Truth and Cody

Jobber of the Night
It’s hard to choose one. Cody Rhodes continues his losing streak on Raw, this time against R-Truth. Khali loses to Mark Henry again. Even Antonio Cesaro is beginning a weekly job to Randy Orton. I understand Great Khali as he is the least talented of the group. However, Cody Rhodes deserves better. Plus, WWE has this weird tendency of having their midcard champions lose a lot. We saw it a lot with the Intercontinental title on The Miz and recently with Wade Barrett. Hopefully, it doesn’t continue with Antonio Cesaro.

Disappointment of the Night
Once again, The Rock was absent from Monday night Raw just a week after unveiling the new championship belt. WWE did a great job of building the show around John Cena versus CM Punk for a title shot against The Rock. However, there is just something disappointing about not having the WWE Champion at Raw.

Tweets of the Night

WWE Creative Humor @WWECreative_ish
Watching @HeymanHustle wail on McMahon must make all those ECW Alumni happy, but not as happy as getting money they’re owed. #RAWTonight

WWE Creative Humor @WWECreative_ish
We would have given @HEELZiggler an entrance but Triple H took 45 minutes walking down the aisle #RAWTonight

Justin Henry @WrestleCrapJRH
Given his lack of mobility, Khali looks like someone made a frog stand up and wear pajama pants. #wwe #raw

Wrestling Subtitles @WrestleSubtitle
Sheamus… you look like a mayonnaise jar that got in a fight with macaroni and cheese. Who are you calling ugly? #RawWithSubtitles

Henry Slams Khali

Overall Lowlights
This was actually a great episode of Raw so it is a bit difficult to find many lowlights. Didn’t love Antonio Cesaro losing. He is a big part of the future in WWE and should continue to be built as high as possible. A lack of Undertaker and The Rock would be categorized as lowlights. Any segment or match with Great Khali too.

Bryan blindfolded

Overall Highlights
Tons of highlights tonight on Raw from Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Brad Maddox and especially the main event match. Despite John Cena pinning CM Punk cleanly, it was such a great match. Also, Team Hell No’s match involving Kane having one hand tied behind his back and Bryan being blindfolded was very entertaining. It makes the Prime Time Players look weak, but what else is new? When was the last time someone wrestled a match blindfolded?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Raw? What were the lowlights and highlights? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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