Tonight’s RAW is coming at us live from the Windy City, and if you feel like creating a drinking game for the occasion, I would say do a shot for every CM Punk chant we might here tonight (hopefully it’s not that bad..). We get things started with Corporate Kane fielding a phone call from Stephanie, who informs the Director of Operations that he’s in charge for now, as the power couple is running late.

Best Match of the night:

Cena versus Ziggler. Only way this one could have been better is if Ziggler had been victorious-and he should have been. I think had Dolph won, the roof would have blown off the Allstate Arena. Heck of a match, which we’ve come to expect from both men.

Worst match of the night:

The Divas match, which was basically a chance for the fans to chant for Sasha, which then led to Nikki chanting for Sasha, which allowed Brie to pin a distracted Naomi. If you want Sasha getting the chants, WWE….just have her wrestle. What’s a matter? Afraid she’s going to outshine the men?

Crowd Chants of the Night:

New Day sucks

We want Sasha

John Cena sucks

Lets go Cena/Cena sucks

she said yes



Star of the Night

Kane, going from Corporate to Demon, all while “running” the show. I know there are some who dislike the split persona, but I still enjoy it, and he’s pulling it off well. I am honestly thinking he could win the title, and why not? He’s done a great deal for WWE. It could be a token reign (especially if they want Sheamus to cash in on him right away).

Spot of the Night:

Ziggler hitting his leaping DDT, on Cena…while Cena was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Or, Dolph turning an AA into a Famouser

Reigns, nailing a superman punch on Strowman, putting him over the announce table and down.

Jobber of the Night:

The Ascension. Knew from the opening bell that these two had no shot against The Dudleys. Honorable mention to Kalisto, as well as Stardust (for taking a Kane chokeslam for his bit of TV time)

Upset of the Night:

Do¬† I call New Day over Ambrose/Orton an upset? Or Kane over Rollins, despite Rollins getting an inordinate amount of help from the heel lumberjacks? Neither, at face value, is a true upset. But I will give them a split vote tonight, if for no other reason than there just weren’t any other contenders.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

The US Open Challenge, taking a break on account of someone proposing and Cena acknowledging.

Commentary of the night:

JBL, on the NXT Ironman match for the Women’s title: “They made history because of their talent”. ‘Nuff said.

LOL Moment of the night:

Kane, at the opening of the show, interjecting himself in the Ambrose/Orton/New Day shenanigans, by saying the inmates weren’t running the asylum. And he did it with a straight face, too.

Noteworthy Moment:

The previously mentioned engagement pretty much stole the show. Though, it’s worth mentioning that Mr. Rollins will be on Sports Center tomorrow night, too.

Overall lowlights:

The show was not an abject failure-it was a much steadier level of decency tonight. My gripe for a lowlight is that it felt like time was spent-a lot of time-on some video highlights, as opposed to some more meaningful matches. But, in fairness, this isn’t a new tactic from WWE.

Overall highlights:

The matches weren’t terrible, so that is a plus.

No on screen Stephanie or Hunter, which is also a plus.

I admit I liked Roman playing his own form of mind games with Bray. I fully expect them to go the easy route of having Orton and Ambrose come down to even the odds, but what they went with was much better.

And, as hot as the Chicago crowd was, I don’t recall really hearing a CM Punk chant. So my drinking game would have been a bust!

And, next week is Legends Night, so the fact that we are that much closer to it is also a plus. Though, here’s hoping they bring out some good surprises, and all we get isn’t limited to Stone Cold, HBK and Flair.

After the final bell:

Not a terrible RAW, much improved from last week in my humble opinion, but last week’s was also so bad it was hard to go any other direction but up. One more RAW to really drive things home heading into Hell In A Cell. Let’s see what they can pull off next week in Texas.

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