The highly-anticipated Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE Superstar Shake Up week has finally arrived. But, did it live up to the fans’ expectations … was it really a shake up? Which show nailed it? Here are my thoughts.

Monday Night RAW


Nena Opens RAW … Sort Of: John Cena’s music hits and the crowd goes wild! Loved the opener, loved the John Cena tease, and love the fact that it was Miz and Maryse … playing Cena and Nikki Bella. Welcome to RAW guys, you will be an incredible addition to the show.

Charlotte Vs. Nia Jax: Despite the two botches by Jax, this match had the crowd going and was entertaining to watch. Nice little Elias Samson Easter egg in the middle of the bout too.

Rollins Is Staying On RAW: Solid promo on Seth Rollins part. One thing I couldn’t shake was the fact that, with Dean Ambrose joining the brand thanks to the Shake Up, all three Shield members are now on RAW (and that was something that didn’t change come Tuesday night). Could there be a reunion on the horizon?

He’s Here: Bray Wyatt gets transferred to RAW and decides to get Finn Balor’s attention after his match with Jinder Mahal. Wyatt’s cryptic messages are always an intriguing watch, but the win here is a program between Balor and Bray. Reports have surfaced though, that Balor was injured on RAW that night during his match with Mahal, so hopefully he heals up quick and this program can roll out.

Eight-Man Tag Match: I enjoyed watching it and thought it deserved a spot on the wins. Wondering how the storyline will go when it comes to The Hardys and Cesaro/Sheamus, as their Payback tag titles match is approaching … should be interesting.

Blissful Heel: Props to Alexa Bliss, despite getting a pop when she entered the RAW ring as part of the Superstar Shake Up – she stayed in heel character mode and let the crowd know she didn’t need their approval. Welcome to RAW, Bliss, I hope you do big things.

Champion Vs. Champion: Great match! These two have fought 100 times and could fight another 1000 times. I love the fact that the WWE continues to focus on heightening their second-tier titles by having them main event RAW. Still, they need to continue to do this throughout the year, not just during those periods when part-timers win a title and then go on hiatus (*cough, cough* Brock Lesnar).


Braun, You’re Drunk … Go Home: It was the segment that I never thought would end. Braun Strowman beats up Roman Reigns backstage and then walks away. He comes back when Reigns is on a stretcher … throws him over a ledge … and then walks away. Strowman then comes back, continues the beatdown of Roman inside the ambulance … gets out, and flips over Reigns’ ambulance while he’s still in there. In some ways, the segment was entertaining and offered an insight to just how powerful Strowman is. Why was it a fail? For many reasons! First off, it was just a little over the top, almost comical (should I have been laughing? And I wasn’t laughing because Roman was getting his butt kicked, I was laughing because it just seemed so ridiculous). Secondly, the fact that Strowman would beat up Roman, leave, then come back; well, the segment lost steam. Thirdly, this program really should be over and both men need new feuds. I’m actually tired of seeing these two go back and forth.

SmackDown LIVE


SD LIVE = The Kevin Owens Show: When Dean Ambrose strolled into Monday Night RAW, most fans could see Owens flipping over to SmackDown LIVE. So, hearing his music open SD LIVE was not that surprising, but once again Owens killed it on the mic and delivered an excellent promo to SD LIVE audiences. It was almost nice to have him open the show, as he was expected to switch. Slightly new look for Owens too, a little clean shaven, but what an impact – he’s already stirring things up on Tuesday nights.

Opener: In general, the opener was fantastic. KO comes out, then Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, then AJ Styles. Excellent mic work from all four men. Excellent way to continue to elevate the United States Championship: all three men desperately want that gold and Owens doesn’t want to give it up, with two of those men former high-level champs and Zayn and Corbin are up-and-coming main eventers. That’s how you build up a title, folks!

SD Tag Titles: FINALLY! We get to see some tag team action on SmackDown LIVE and those tag team titles on the program. I almost forgot how they looked. The match was great, offered an excellent way to introduce the Shining Stars into the brand, but those belts need a solid program … ASAP.

The Queen Has Arrived: Welcome to SmackDown LIVE, Charlotte!

Ziggler, Meet Nakamura: I love the fact that Shinsuke Nakamura hasn’t dived into action or a program as of yet, rather we are getting these glimpse of him and of course his incredible entrance. Well played, SD LIVE Creative, well played! Only downer is that Ziggler continues to fall into irrelevancy …

Triple Threat Main Event: Similar to this week’s RAW, SD LIVE closed the show with a match that pitted three superstars, all interested in the U.S. Championship prize. The match was simply phenomenal.


Tamina Comes To SD LIVE: I felt it was in poor taste to hype up Charlotte’s arrival to SD LIVE at the expense of Tamina. I was shocked that Tamina was back. I mean, I knew that she had healed and her return was eminent, but I guess I forgot about all that with Wrestlemania and everything that was going on. I get it, leaked reports and all, Creative thought of a different way to Swerve fans before the Queen’s arrival, but it wasn’t so much what Shane said before to introduce Tamina, but rather after she was introduced “oh, were you expecting someone else?” in a womp-womp kind of way. It rubbed me the wrong way. I know wrestling is all about helping other competitors over, but still.

They Are Coming …: Unlike RAW, SD LIVE had a slew of superstars that are ‘coming soon’. It’s no one’s fault that Rusev and Kingston are still healing from injuries, but we had immediate shake ups with RAW and these ‘coming soon’ announcements just lacked luster. They could have announced the New Day coming soon, but Rusev and Lana should have been saved as a surprise for when they get back.


Both programs were solid this week, but this time around, I feel like the better show was RAW.

WNZ fans … do you agree?

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