It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, but love was not in the air anywhere on WWE programming. Monday Night RAW was all about the breakup of JeriKO (and a little Hugger Champion action) and the SmackDown LIVE was provided the aftermath of Sunday’s pay-per-view (PPV), Elimination Chamber. Who did it better? Time for my thoughts.

Monday Night RAW


Joe’s Interview: Joe is one of the very few that can make one of those cheesy interviews with Michael Cole look good and seem legit. Major win for this newly debuted main roster star. Nice touch to throw Sami Zayn’s name in there and then attack him after his match. We now know who his first program will be against.

Sami Zayn versus Rusev: Great match and even better win. It seemed like Sami was on his way to be buried a few weeks ago, and clearly nothing could be further from the truth. I think a program between him and Samoa Joe will benefit both these superstars.

HHH: Sneaking this in here, Triple H barely said a sentence on RAW, but made such a huge impact. There’s a reason why he is called The Game.

Festival of Friendship: All the videos leading up to the big event and then Triple H “talking” to Kevin Owens “alone”; we all knew this would be the end of JeriKO, but it was still highly entertaining. And what a way to end it. I’m still sad by it all, but I love the fact that HHH is at the helm of it. Also, what better way to tell Y2J it’s over than handing him ‘The List of KO’ with only his name on it. Ouch! Funny, sad, brutal, and wonderful. Now this is a feud. Bring on Wrestlemania!

The Hugger & The Champ: What a match, what an outcome! Bayley’s first time main eventing Monday Night RAW and she became first-time WWE Women’s Champion. I love it. Both women put on one heck of a match. Definitely a win on my list. The hug life now turns into the champ life. Interesting to see what will happen leading into Wrestlemania.


Club Fail: Despite the fact that The Club are WWE Tag Team Champs, WWE Creative continues to book them in such a weak fashion and misuses these two talents incredibly. Sad, really.

Debut Of Emmalina: Disappointing on so many different levels. After waiting 17 weeks, Emmalina comes out only to tell the WWE Universe she’ll be transforming back into Emma? I don’t blame the superstar, but I do blame Creative. They have dropped the ball on this superstar to the point where I wonder if it even matters either way. There is a silver lining though folks, Emma goes back to being Emma: a character that was over with the fans and doing well before her unfortunate injury. Here’s hoping Emma dives into a program before Wrestlemania and actually gets on the card somehow.

SmackDown LIVE


Opener: John Cena + AJ Styles + Bray Wyatt = segment gold. How could this not hit the wins’ list? It simply does not get any better than these three. PS – Wyatt fans out there in Wrestlenewz land … how surreal was it to see Bray walk down that aisle with gold around his waist? I cannot wait to see more of what the Era of Wyatt will bring. He was on fire Sunday and it nice to see the momentum continued into Tuesday night.

Ambrose/Corbin: Hold up! Tweener versus Tweener? This out to be good! So, these two have become a thing? I love it. A Corbin/Ambrose program, heading into Wrestlemania is a win-win for all. It will help elevate Corbin, nice mentoring for Dean, and the fans will be the biggest winners of all. Based on the events that occurred on SmackDown LIVE, with Ambrose hunting for Corbin and then Baron dragging Dean out (to his own entrance music) was nice. These two are going have an amazing feud.

Feeling The Glow: Nice mic work from both Naomi and Alexa Bliss on Tuesday night. This feud is heating up and now that Naomi has that gold it has gotten far more personal. Bliss is ever entertaining as the heel and I love her character; I was also quite impressed on just how strong Naomi is getting at working a live crowd and allowing her true personality to shine along the way. Well done by both ladies.

Wyatt’s Win: That SD LIVE main event was incredible. Three major names, a triple threat match, and then a nice clean pin on John Cena by Bray Wyatt. The push of Wyatt continues and its fabulous!

No RKO Outta Nowhere: Since Orton has joined the Wyatts, I’ve expected an RKO to come out (of nowhere) at some point and the fact that it didn’t come out last night makes me believe that when it does come out, it’ll be huge. Orton has become a master of the slow build up and this program will explode once the proverbial poop hits the fan. But even as SD LIVE was closing, with Bray’s back turned to Orton for a split second, I still was expecting Orton to hit his famous finisher, he looked like he was gearing up for it. Regardless, Randy Orton telling Wyatt that despite his Royal Rumble win, he would not fight Wyatt is huge and another added element to this fantastic story of Orton and Wyatt.


The Attacks: I’m excited about a Falls Count Anywhere match between these Natalya and Nikki because it means they’ll actually have a match together! Both ladies deserve more than these backstage ‘attacking each other’ cat fights. Time to end this thing. Hopefully it will next Tuesday night.


Great shows from both brands this week. This is another one of those weeks where I find it very challenging to decide on a winner – because to me, there is no ‘clear cut’ winner. But, I’m going with RAW this week. The end of era (in JeriKO) and the beginning of a new one (the Era of Hugs) inches Monday Night RAW a little higher than SmackDown LIVE this week. But they were neck in neck, which is an anomaly in itself.

Do you agree … did Monday Night RAW do it better this week? Leave your comments below and list your wins and fails from each show!


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