Time for some review! Monday Night RAW glowed in the aftermath of their Great Balls of Fire (GBOF) pay-per-view (PPV); while SmackDown LIVE was a little about that U.S. title, and a lot about Battleground. How did each show fair?

Here are my thought!

Monday Night RAW


Big Cass Opener: This segment accomplished a lot and Cass did a pretty solid job on the mic, considering he’s always had Enzo to lean on in the past. Cass said ‘goodbye’ to his program with Amore and hello to a new feud. I think we as fans all knew that a storyline between Big Cass and the Big Show was inevitable, but this segment nailed that idea in.

#Broken: My thoughts on the promo the Hardys cut could be best described by the below Instagram post. Regardless, great tease and definite win.

I always win. (@shanehelmscom)

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The Mizzies: Nice little quasi-Shield reunion going on with Seth Rollins coming to the aid of Dean Ambrose and vice versa this week. The Mizzies were entertaining. Love that Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are now in the mix of things … although what’s up with Dallas’ rocker get up?

Angle/Brock/Heyman/Joe: Incredible segment on so many different levels. Nice intro to a build up to SummerSlam, first and foremost. Nice build up to a number one contender’s match next week (i.e. Roman Reigns versus Samoa Joe). Speaking of, nice to see Joe still strong in the main event and title race picture. Best of all, Brock SPOKE! I mean, he actually said more than just a few words, like a sentence (or two). And he was awesome. Actually, everything about this promo was great and entertaining. From the beginning where a reference was made between Angle and Brock’s feud, to the end, it was awesome entertainment.

Main Event: Great match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. These two rarely disappoint.


Angle’s Storyline: I’m just as curious as the next person when it comes to these leaked texts, Kurt Angle, plus how and if Corey Graves will continue to play a role in this storyline. Sure, I have a feeling it will all lead to something bigger and better, still, it all comes off as massively cheesy, especially Kurt’s promo at the end of RAW and his ‘love you’ to the caller.

SmackDown LIVE


AJ’s Open Challenge: Now, that’s how you open a show. AJ Styles issuing a U.S. Open Challenge, and John Cena (the man who made it famous as of late), answering that call. Mix in a little Kevin Owens and Rusev, and you have a bonefide opener and a great way to build a storyline around the main event.

Shinsuke & Corbin: I don’t generally love it when they build up a match for the program, and nothing really comes of it, but I did love the segment between Shinsuke and Corbin. A match of this sorts is PPV caliber, and Nakamura’s attack was a perfect tease to something on the horizon.

Women’s Match: As always, the women killed it! Nice to see a little tag action coming from Charlotte, Becky, Nattie, and Tamina. Nice seeing Lana in the mix as well.

Main Event: Solid match, great entertainment, and the post-celebration between AJ Styles and John Cena was good. #DidTheyJustBecomeBestFriends? #Yup!


Fashion Files Invaded: Now, the Sexy Fashion Rangers worked and was hilarious (loved the Chuck Norris reference). This segment would have slide in the ‘wins’ list easily, however, adding that small confrontation between Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder soured up it all up significantly. #epicfail


Both RAW and SmackDown LIVE did a pretty solid job this week when it came to entertainment and I have a feeling that as we continue along the road to SummerSlam, this might become the norm. Or perhaps I’m just optimistic. Regardless, I really enjoyed both programs and didn’t see many flaws or fails in either. Both had strong openers, linking a storyline to their main event to draw audiences in; both had solid matches in the middle of their shows as well. I really enjoyed the Angle/Lesnar/Heyman/Reigns/Joe segment on RAW, and yet loved seeing John Cena accept AJ Styles US Open Challenge (I know, it was predictable) and turning it all around into a tag team main event against Rusev and Kevin Owens.

I keep going back and forth, and for this week, I’d have to say both shows were big winners in my books and the review is ending in a draw.

WNZ fans! Do you agree or was there one program that was clearly better than the other? Which program did you like more this week? SmackDown LIVE or Monday Night RAW? Leave your comments below!

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