This week’s Monday Night RAW program began to slowly build up the brand’s next pay-per-view (PPV), Extreme Rules; while SmackDown LIVE was heading home to this Sunday’s Backlash. Who did it better?

Monday Night RAW


Extreme Rules: It’s three weeks away and I love the fact that Creative has hit the ground running. Kurt Angle announced the main event for the PPV, a Fatal Five-Way match involving all the top main eventers on the brand. In addition, Bliss and The Hugger teased a rematch for the Women’s title at the PPV with some kendo sticks. The women of WWE continue to push the boundaries and dabble in the same matches that the men do. I love it.

IC Title Match: The ending was a bit lame, with the low blow and DQ result, but action was top-notch.

Bliss Promo: This lady is magic on the mic. She seems to be hitting my wins’ list a lot lately.

Wyatt Promo: I love seeing this man’s backstage stuff. He’s always entertaining.

Goldie Turns Heel: Boy, did the internet explode when Goldust turned on R-Truth. I knew something was brewing with these two and all their backstage promos, but I didn’t see that exact scenario unfolding. Well done, RAW Creative, I loved this surprise.

Main Event: For the first time ever, Bray Wyatt versus Seth Rollins. These two did not disappoint. Maybe not now, but sometime in the future, they need a one-on-one program.


Elias Samson: Samson floating around backstage and within the RAW crowd was cute and first, but he needs to do something more … maybe more drifting, but always drifting by a certain superstar. A program should be teased with this guy from here on out.

SmackDown LIVE


Opener: KO opening SD LIVE is never a bad thing. Keeping Chris Jericho fresh in everyone’s mind, despite his hiatus, is brilliant. The ‘new and improved’ Highlight Reel is the perfect way to keep Y2J relevant, while maintaining heel heat on Owens. I also love the intermingling between the US title program participants and the WWE title program participants. This helps to maintain a nice spotlight on the United States Championship and a constant reminder that whoever holds that belt is only second to the WWE Champ.

Contract Signing: I know, we all know that contract signings always end in a fight, but I still like them. The one involving the women of SD LIVE was no exception. Contract signings feel like a warm blanket and soup on a rainy day: comforting, yet still entertaining. And Charlotte continually reminds me of her dad when she’s on the mic … which isn’t a bad thing.

Dolphie’s Promo: After weeks of landing on the fails list, Dolph Ziggler hits the wins. I loved his promo and it really (and finally) made me see his passion around this program.

Orton Versus Corbin: Corbin continues to impress me in the ring, and it is nice to see him slowly rising as a main eventer on SD LIVE. Orton, as always, was on point.


Overall: No real fails this week on SmackDown, that I can think of. Overall, the show flowed well. Not everything can hit the wins’ list, but nothing was an epic fail.


SD LIVE takes it again this week! RAW started off good, with some mediocre parts in the middle, and then ended strong. SmackDown on the other hand, as per the usual, was consistent.

WNZ fans … what are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!

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