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Both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE were overseas this week in Manchester, both pre-taped, and both had a ton of spoilers released if you flipped through social media (unfortunately). We have two weeks before the next (and last of the year) Big Four pay-per-view (PPV), Survivor Series.

So the big question on everyone’s mind is: who did it better this week, RAW or SD LIVE?


Monday Night RAW


Miz TV: We are two weeks away from Survivor Series and this week it felt like both shows weren’t really hyping up the event. Miz took the opportunity from the opening of RAW to address Baron Corbin and this little Twitter war the two are having. Honestly, Miz is highly entertaining on that mic and gets this win not only for the Survivor Series plug and building up his Intercontinental versus United States Championship match at this PPV, but for simply showing up and opening the show; trying to set the tone for RAW.

Joe Vs. Balor: What an incredible match between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. Ending was lame, but makes sense because these two need to collide again.

The Miz Vs. Strowman: Highly entertaining bout between Braun Strowman and The Miz. It seems as if this thing between them may be over and Monster versus Monster just might be on the horizon, thanks to Kane’s interference.

Main Event: Cesaro/Sheamus versus Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins always puts on a good match. I honestly wouldn’t complain in the least if these four men were booked together for matches until the end of the year. However, mix in SD LIVE’s New Day teasing an #UnderSiege 2 and the tag titles changing hands right before a major PPV; and you have quite a way to end RAW. Sure, I saw the spoilers on my Twitter feed, but it was still a great watch.


RAW Women’s Team Incomplete: Unless the last woman is going to be this big shocker of a talent, looking at you Paige, then this team should be locked up and secured. The WWE has one more go-home show before the big event. If Bayley ends up on the team in the end (which is the logical choice), or even someone on the current roster like Dana Brook or Mickie James, I’ll be even more upset than I am now. I better be shocked next week.


SmackDown LIVE


Kofi Vs. Zayn: Why was this match booked and what does it have to do with the PPV that WWE is promoting? Nothing. But, hey, it was a good match I’ll give them that.

Becky Vs. Ellsworth: I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed watching Becky Lynch win and the Carmella kicking James Ellsworth in the face, post-match.

Main Event: Once again, the main event (despite the spoilers) proved to be a good match with a shocking ending. Most of us expected the AJ Styles versus Jinder Mahal to end with the Modern Day Maharaja on top. After all, doesn’t he have a match in India sometime in December that would mark him as the first WWE champion of Indian descent to wrestle as champ in his homeland? He does. And who knows? Maybe that will still come to be. But for now, we have a new champ heading into the Survivor Series and the idea of it all is simply phenomenal!


Opener: Having Shane dance around and talk about something that happened two weeks ago (#UnderSiege) is getting tiresome. The New Day’s jokes on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were entertaining, but I found myself scratching my head wondering why Zayn/Owens and the New Day were in this segment and then booked for a match. Everything about this screamed filler.

Under Siege: Okay, SD LIVE … we get it. Two weeks ago, you overtook RAW in this crazy and chaotic. It was awesome then, but if I see another video clip about this, I just may snap. Time for something new, seriously.


Honestly, both shows wreaked of awfulness this week and were only saved by their main event matches and title changes. Two weeks away from Survivor Series and I felt very little pull regarding this PPV. RAW did a little bit of a better job promoting the event and I give the point this week to Team Red. Still, I feel like both shows were epic fails, other than their main events. Closing matches should be big; however, if fans are tuning out before said match even airs, what’s the point?

WNZ fans! What are was your favorite show this week? Favorite segment or match? What were some of your ‘fails’? Leave your comments below!

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