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This week’s Monday Night RAW could be summed up in two words: The Shield. Meanwhile, SmackDown LIVE dealt with all the fallout to the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV), with a little explanation from Sami Zayn.

Which show did it better this week? Let’s review!

Monday Night RAW


Miz TV: How can you go wrong when you open the show with the most highly-anticipated faction reunion in recent history? Seeing The Shield together, and kicking butt, was awesome. The perfect way to start RAW off.

Matt Hardy vs. Braun Strowman: I liked the match and felt like Hardy gave Strowman a real run for his money. Very entertaining to watch.

Shield Attacks: Reunited for a little over an hour and not only Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose show off new merchandise, the Hounds of Justice launch their first attack on Braun Strowman. It was awesome.

Bliss and James: Their in-ring promo was solid. These two have excellent in-ring chemistry when they banter back and forth, and I’m truly invested in this program. Bring on Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC)!

New Cruiserweight Champion: The Cruiserweights close RAW for the third time in a row this week and I truly enjoyed the match. It’s always cool when a championship changes hands on television and it was a nice main event for the Team Red show.


Enzo/Angle Promo: Not sure what was going on here, but Enzo Amore was off his game. The segment came off as a tad awkward between him and RAW GM Kurt Angle.

Sister Abigail: I’m on the fence about all this. I like the idea of Abigail being an added layer to the Wyatt persona, his creepy makeup and black veil were a bit cool … but that voice lost me. I feel like the Bray Wyatt character takes two steps forward and then eight steps back at times. But in all fairness, his gimmick is one that you can take many chances with creatively. Some work, some don’t. Before I pass total judgement on this new chapter in Wyatt’s story, I will wait until one more promo or maybe even after his match at TLC. So far, the weird chipmunk voice is losing me and fast.

SmackDown LIVE


Respect: Nice little segment between The Usos and New Day to open SD LIVE. Despite them having a stellar program, it’s clear that WWE Creative wants to move forward with another feud and end this storyline between the two tag teams. Makes sense, end on a high note, right? The handshake between the two teams was a perfect way to do so. Their HIAC match was incredible. Still, even though a championship rematch was swept under the rug, I did enjoy the opening SD LIVE segment and the fact that we are ushering a new chapter and potential rivalry for the champs, The Usos.

SD LIVE Women Go Crazy: It was neat to see all heck break lose backstage between the women of SD LIVE. Charlotte’s attack on Nattie was awesome and watching all the faces (Becky Lynch and Naomi) dive right in to help Flair fend off the heels made for a cool segment.

Why, Sami, Why … Because: Nice little reunion of BFFs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Why did Sami help KO on Sunday at HIAC? Zayn relayed no real opportunities since getting to SD LIVE, Owens’ success as a heel, and Shane McMahon fluffing him off last week. Massive win, because Zayn’s rational makes total sense. I think I’m going to like heel Zayn.

They’re Bbbaacckkk: Yas! Luke Harper and Erik Rowan are on the verge of a tag team return. I.Can’t.Wait!

Main Event: Incredible match between AJ Styles and Baron Corbin. Huge win for Corbin too. Now that Baron has cleanly beat Styles in his rematch, what’s next for these two? We will have to wait and see.


No Jinder?: No WWE World Heavyweight Champion on SD LIVE this week? Jinder Mahal is no Brock Lesnar. Not sure what the reasoning around this was, but not having the Champ on any segments of a show, post-PPV is a massive fail. Especially when that champ is a full timer.


The Shield’s reunion trumps all this week, because let’s face it, many fans have been waiting a long time to see Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose come together once again. SmackDown LIVE had some great moments, moreover the KO/Zayn segment and main event; however, watching the Hounds of Justice clean house in the opening segment and then throw Braun Strowman through the announcers’ table a little later on was awesome.

WNZ fans! What are was your favorite show this week? Favorite segment or match? What were some of your ‘fails’? Leave your comments below!

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