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It was an explosive week on WWE programming! The folks over at Monday Night RAW continued to build up their No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV), while SmackDown LIVE was causing chaos in Sin City.

Still … who did it better? Time to review!

Monday Night RAW


Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan: I enjoyed this match and the handshake at the end was a nice touch. While Jordan walked away losing two matches, two weeks in a row, I think that he’s also gaining a lot by opening RAW and having the opportunity to wrestle both John Cena and Reigns.

Roman/Cena Promo #3: Very well done by both men. Roman Reigns finally held his own with Cena. But Cena’s close, referencing Reigns’ failed WWE drug test and suspension last year, was awesome.

The Champ & Paulie + A Monster: Nice promo by Paul Heyman and nice little taste of what the WWE Universe is to expect between these two men come No Mercy. One has to wonder just how Brock Lesnar will be able to pull out a win, with Braun Strowman popping back so easily after The Beast tried to take him to Suplex City.

Bray Wyatt vs. Goldust: I know I’m a Goldie fan, but it was nice to see him on RAW this past week and in action. Yes, Wyatt has a feud with Finn Balor, but I can’t help but think (hope) that Wyatt rubbing off Goldust’s makeup means a bigger storyline for him. Time will only tell. Still, great match.

Asuka’s Coming To RAW: What a huge announcement and I found it interesting that it wasn’t left as a surprise. Perhaps the WWE has some sort of buildup in mind for her.

Cena vs. Strowman: Great match, great hype leading up, good ending in a DQ – considering these two superstars may have a bigger match sometime in the future.

Miz TV: Nice little baby announcement for Miz and Maryse. I also liked the banter between Miz and his guest, Enzo Amore; with Miz calling Amore out on his attitude as well as how well he gets along with the main roster. As we learned from the Reigns/Cena promos, it’s always nice to bring in a little real-life baggage into these segments. It makes it that much more personal and interesting.

Main Event: Eight-man tag was a great one. Highly entertaining.


No real fails that I can think of … do any WNZ readers have any?

SmackDown LIVE


The Kevin Owens Show: Kevin Owens has been at the forefront of WWE SD LIVE programming as of late; here, there, everywhere. Seems like the Blue brand creative team is working hard to hype up Shane versus KO at Hell in a Cell (HIAC), and the pre-work around this story unfolding has been executed nicely. Shane attacks KO last week, KO threatens to sue, and this Tuesday Owens let everyone know just what he plans to do (and change) on SD LIVE once he wins his lawsuit against the WWE and the McMahons. I enjoyed the opener and Kevin’s two backstage segments with Sami Zayn and Aiden English. Special shout out to Dolph Ziggler for coming out to Shane’s music while Kevin was talking; that was truly awesome!

Matches: SD LIVE had some incredible title matches this week and offered excellent entertainment for the ‘meat’ of the program. The US Championship match, the Women’s title bout, and the Street Fight for the tag titles were all great. Nice little twist with the The New Day regaining their SD LIVE Tag Team Championships.

Closing Segment: Wow, is all I have to say. Yes, most of the WWE Universe was excited when it was announced last week that Vincent Kennedy McMahon would be appearing on SD LIVE. The Chairman rarely makes an appearance on WWE programming these days, so we all knew something big would go down. Yes, I expected Vinnie Mac to fluff KO and his lawsuit off (as he did), support Shane’s actions last week (as he did), and book a match between the two for HIAC (check!). What I did not expect was for Owens to turn around and lay a beatdown on Vince. Yes, we all know that it is simply a ‘story’, but still pretty shocking to see The Chairman get beat up by one of his employees. Then things continued to get dramatic with referees, WWE officials, and then Stephanie McMahon coming out to the ring. If looks could kill, Kevin Owens would be in a Vegas morgue right now. It was all very entertaining to watch and very well done.


Honestly, no fails that I can really think of. I found Ellsworth on a dog leash a bit disturbing, but will hold off on calling this new angle he has with Carmella to be a complete fail until I see more.


I found both shows to be quite entertaining this week. Monday Night RAW didn’t have any championships on the line, but what they did offer were some solid matches and great segments. Splash a few part-timers in John Cena and Brock Lesnar (Paul Heyman) into the mix and you have a solid show … which is what RAW was.

Still, SD LIVE was in Las Vegas: the crowd was a huge factor this week. Add in three title bouts and Vince McMahon and you have a huge winning week for the Blue brand.

The good news is, as WWE fans, we were treated to two amazing programs this week, but SD LIVE takes it due to their championship matches, KO, and a huge and shocking final segment with The Chairman.

WNZ fans! What are was your favorite show this week? Favorite segment or match? What were some of your ‘fails’? Leave your comments below!

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