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If you’ve been reading my pieces long enough, you know how I feel about Survivor Series. If you don’t, here’s the Cliffs Notes version: Survivor Series ought to be predominantly the four on four or five on five tag team matches that it started out with. If you must sprinkle in a singles match here and there, so be it. Ultimately, I am entirely fine with this being the only show all year where no title gets defended. That large tag team format holds a special place for me in my wrestling memory banks, so this card drives me nuts. The ironic thing? With very minor tweaks, the card could be fine. So, let’s re-book it, shall we?

First, the easy part-I wouldn’t really change the RAW women versus SmackDown women as is. What I would have liked to see, however, is a second match. Now, this second match admittedly would also change the complexion of the sole women’s match on the card currently, but hear me out. With all the hype, all the teasing of a Horsewomen versus Horsewomen match, obviously it wasn’t in the cards just yet. But having a match where the Four Horsewomen of NXT teamed up against the Four Horsewomen of MMA? Honestly, that sucker could have been the main event draw right there.

The men’s Team RAW versus Team SmackDown is largely fine as well. I would remove Jason Jordan from that one, but I figure that there is more to it than just him being on the team. I am taking a wait and see approach to how the Jordan addition plays out.

And then, we get to the fun part. We have a slew of champion versus champion matches on the card. They are really rather pointless, and they don’t fit the format. We all know they are just for the evening (OK, maybe we will get some feeding into programs down the road too), and with no titles on the line, these are just fluff. Could some of them be good? Absolutely. Should any of them happen? Definitely not. So what do we do to fix this? Simple, honestly. You have Team Lesnar and Team Mahal, and their teams are made up of themselves plus the other male title holders. Yes, it becomes a four on four affair (unless you planned ahead and had SmackDown claim the UK division, then you add Enzo to RAW and Pete Dunne to SmackDown), but just like that, we have a TRADITIONAL Survivor Series match. And any long term implications can still develop out of such a match, but this works better. No titles were on the line anyways, so why not have this go down in this fashion?

With the shows doing a UK tour now, we are seeing some of the UK division guys on main roster shows instead of just NXT, which is great. But considering that many of the UK top stars were or are eligible for the cruiserweight class, I’d also love to add a Cruiser versus UK match. In this format, the champions versus champions match would not need nor have Enzo or Dunne, as they’d be captains of their respective squads. It makes sense, right?

To round out the card, giving it by my count six matches (all traditional Survivor Series matches), we could do one of two things-either do another tag team Survivor Series match, or throw some low or mid card guys into a match together. While they aren’t stars, guys like Fandango and Tyler Breeze could actually still wrestle. A team of say, Fashion Police, Ascension and Tye Dillinger facing off against a RAW team of Rhyno, Slater, Aiden English, Rusev and Curt Hawkins? That would work as an opener.

So your card could look something like this:

Match 1: RAW mid-carders versus SmackDown mid-carders

Match 2: RAW women versus SmackDown women

Match 3: RAW tag teams versus SmackDown tag teams

Match 4: Cruiserweights versus UK division

Match 5: Team RAW men versus Team SmackDown men

Match 6: Four Horsewomen of MMA versus Four Horsewomen of WWE

Match 7: RAW Champions versus SmackDown Champions.

There you have it folks. Seven matches, all of which are four on four or five on five. Each works within the idea of the PPV. And that is a card I could actually really be excited for.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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