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Live from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, Kevin Owens defeated Shane McMahon at the 2017 Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV), with a lot of help from ex-BFF Sami Zayn. In other HIAC news, Jinder Mahal retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship after he pinned Shinsuke Nakamura. Two titles changed hands: Baron Corbin was crowned new United States Champion when he pinned Tye Dillinger; while The Usos became five-time champs when they defeated the New Day.

Full results of the 2017 HIAC PPV, below:

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin defeated The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder) – Pre-Show Kickoff

Nice little tag team action for the preshow kickoff. Both teams had some good tags in and out, and Shelton Benjamin received a great reception from the live Little Caesars’ crowd when he entered the ring; a PPV first for him since his return. The bout was evenly-toned between the two teams for most of the match. Still, as it progressed, Benjamin and Gable were able to wear Ryder down. Despite a comeback from the Hype Bros., Shelton and Gable were able to pull out a win when Chad pinned Zack in the middle of the ring.

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) defeated The New Day (Xavier Woods, Big E, with Kofi Kingston) to become new SmackDown LIVE Tag Team Championship – Hell in a Cell Match

Action got started as soon as the bell rung as these two teams went at it; exhibiting highflying moves and using the cell as a weapon. It didn’t take long for the Little Ceasars’ crowd to start chanting ‘This is awesome’. Some of the weapons used by the New Day included rainbow-colored kendo sticks, two (Francesca) trombones, and even a cow bell and gong. While New Day dominated at first, The Usos did eventually come back and Jimmy and Jey lay Big E with a beatdown via kendo sticks; Xavier would soon become a non-issue when he hit the side of cell, laying in the corner for a bit. The good news is, Woods did recover and would eventually lock Jey into a corner with kendo sticks. He was eventually able to break free and the two-on-two continued. Still, The Usos would pull out handcuffs and they would proceed to cuff Woods and hang him on the outside of the corner ring post and beat him with a kendo stick in front of a helpless Kofi Kingston watching from outside the cell.

In end, The Usos came out with the win by pinning a hand-cuffed Woods in the middle of the ring, becoming five-time tag champs.

Randy Orton defeated Randy Orton

Randy Orton tried to pull his RKO (outta nowhere) as soon as the bell rung, but was stopped by Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute proceeded to dominate the match the early on. Still, despite a beatdown from Rusev, Orton did come back. As Rusev tried to place the Accolade on Orton, he was able to struggle out and lay an RKO on him. A three-count later and Orton was crowned the winner of the match.

Baron Corbin defeated AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger to become new United States Champion – Triple Threat Match

Corbin was a natural threat in the match and as soon as that bell rung, both Dillinger and Styles attacked the Lone Wolf. Once he was thrown out of the ring by the pair, Dillinger quickly went for a pin on Styles, but failed. The two would fight and for a bit and then Corbin would re-enter the match. At one point, Styles would lock a submission hold on Dillinger and Corbin would swing in to break the hold. Dillinger also *almost* pinned Corbin during the match after getting knocked into Baron by Styles, alas, he only got a two-count. Styles was also close to gaining a pin on Corbin until Tye jumped in to break the count. In the end Corbin swept in for the win after AJ Styles laid his Phenomenal Forearm move on Dillinger. Styles would lay the move and Corbin would come in, boot AJ out of the ring, and jump on Dillinger for the pin to win the United States Championship.

Charlotte Flair won the match via DQ, however Natalya remained SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion

Both women exchanged slaps and then tried to lock in their signature submissions: with Nattie trying for the Sharpshooter and Charlotte shortly after trying to lock in her Figure-Eight Leg Lock … both were unsuccessful. Nattie would dominate most of the match, early on. As Charlotte suffered a storyline-related injury on her left leg and Nattie would target that leg throughout the match. As the match wore on, Charlotte struggled, and Nattie would even attempt her Sharpshooter, but Flair was able to break the hold. A frustrated Nattie would eventually pull out a steel chair and attack Charlotte, thus ending the match with a win for Flair via DQ.

Jinder Mahal (with the Singh Brothers) defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Nakamura took control of the match early on, laying a beatdown to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In fact, Shinsuke would dominate most of the match. Still, the Singh Brothers would play a role in the match, distracting the referee multiple times as Nakamura was building momentum. So much so, that the referee ended up ejecting the Singhs. As the brothers were exiting, Nakamura would lay his Kinshasha move and pin Mahal, but the delay by the Singhs would enable Jinder to grab the ropes and break the count. In the end, Mahal would then lay his Khallas move to gain the three-count and retain his WWE Championship.

Bobby Roode defeated Dolph Ziggler

Evenly-toned match to start off with no one superstar dominating the bout. Still, Ziggler would gain the upper hand lay a sleeper hold on Bobby that Roode was able to break it. After a series of pins and roll ups by both men, Roode would eventually gain the three-count on Ziggler, thanks to a little grab of the tights. Ziggler would attack Roode after the match.

Kevin Owens Shane McMahon – Hell in a Cell Falls Counts Anywhere Match

Shane McMahon attacked Kevin Owens before the bell rung and before KO could even enter the cell. The two would fight outside the cell, with Shane-O-Mac leaping off a barrier and onto Owens. The two would eventually make it into the cell and the fight began within the cage. Owens would even taunt Shane’s kids, who were sitting ringside to watch their dad in the match, by mimicking McMahon’s dancing. The two would have some incredible spots, in this match including Shane’s moonsault (that KO was able to move from at the last moment); Owen’s Frog Splash from the top rope; Owen’s powerbomb of Shane on the steel steps; KO Canon Balling onto a table, while Shane moved out of the way; Shane using half of that now-broken table as a weapon against Owens; and Shane jumping from the top rope across the ring, via a Coast-to-Coast, and hitting KO with a garbage can on top of him. Shane would proceed to shock the crowd when he asked the referee to open the steel cage door as Owens was laid out; the referee declined. McMahon then cracked open the lock of the cell with a bolt cutter he found under the ring and tossed KO outside the cell; the fight would resume outside the ring. He would lay McMahon on the announcers’ table and would decide to climb at the top of the cell. Still, once he got to the top, he would go back and forth as to whether or not he should jump. As Owens did this, Shane began climbing the cell; the two would resume their fight on the top of the cell. Shane and KO fought up top that cell for some time, before KO would try and throw Shane off the cage, would be unsuccessful, and both eventually just climbed down. About 10 feet down, Shane would knock KO’s face against the cage and he would fall onto the announcers’ table down below. Despite the fact that KO was a lifeless pile after the fall, Shane would proceed to place Owens on top of another announcers’ table, climb the cell again, and jump off; meanwhile Sami Zayn (of all people) came out of nowhere and saved Owens by grabbing him and pulling him out of the way at the last moment. Zayn would move EMTs caring for Shane, grab Owens and place him on McMahon. Owens then got the three-count and the win.

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