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Wrestlers turn all the time: whether its babyface to heel or heel to face. Even the most shocking of character turns tend to make sense 99 percent of the time. However, last night’s Hell in the Cell (HIAC) close which saw Sami Zayn essentially save and help longtime rival Kevin Owens win his match against Shane McMahon has me quite perplexed. If you didn’t have a chance to catch the pay-per-view (PPV), there is some footage below:

Of course, there has to be a good reason behind this. Still, considering the dynamics between Zayn and Owens, the rivalry they’ve had over the years in NXT and the main roster, it was shocking to say the least that Zayn helped Owens on any level. Watching this story unfold and hearing Sami’s explanation around this will offer an interesting layer when it comes to the dynamics between these two former BFFs and now well-established frenemies (perhaps newly-established BFFs again?). Not only did Zayn pull KO away from harm’s way and a plummeting Shane McMahon off the cell (20 feet or so above), he pulled EMTs away from tending to Shane, pushed Owens onto McMahon, to ensure KO gained the three-count and win.

While we will all have to wait until Tuesday, or maybe even longer, to get a full understanding of Sami’s motives, below are some guesses around this heel turn:

Friends ‘Till The End: Considering all that Kevin has done to Sami in recent years, and turned on him time and time again, this theory is a little far-fetched to me. The idea that Zayn may have a soft spot in his heart for his former BFF, so much so that he risked it all to save him and ensured that KO won against Shane seems a bit iffy, but I do think it’ll have some place within this story as the chapter unfolds.

Beef With SD LIVE: Zayn has been on the main roster for quite a while now and even though he’s peaked into the title race picture, via number one contender’s matches, he’s never been in a bonefide program. Wasn’t SmackDown LIVE supposed to be the ‘land of opportunity’ … yet, Zayn has yet to be given a chance at the WWE championship or even United States title for that matter. Zayn very well could be so fed up with the Commissioner of SmackDown that he thought he’d get his attention this way.

Beef with McMahon: If you all recall, there was a segment last week on SmackDown LIVE that specifically pitted McMahon and Zayn together backstage. While Sami pleaded with Shane and tried to warn him against this ‘new’ KO, Shane fluffed it off and told him to worry about himself. Sami could’ve have gotten so fed up with constantly being fluffed off like this that he decided to act and send a huge message to Shane.

The reasoning behind Zayn’s turn on McMahon and aid to KO could also be a mix of all the above.

Regardless for the reason, Zayn made a huge statement last night at HIAC and thus has created a nice new chapter in the Sami and Kevin story, as well as Shane and the entire McMahon family. The bonefide reason around why Zayn did this, we shall probably learn in the coming weeks, but for now, it was a great and shocking way to end a stellar HIAC main event match and close a PPV.

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