Anyone surprised that this stipulation hasn’t popped up? The program between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon has had a nice slow build, with a story gradually coming to fruition from incidents stemming all the way back to this year’s Royal Rumble.

And it all came to an explosive bang a couple weeks back when Styles was complaining about missing his shot at Wrestlemania and attacked McMahon backstage while he was entering the building, brutally beating down SmackDown LIVE’s Commissioner. This in itself garners a huge reason why the no disqualification rule should have snuck its way into the match.

Still, it didn’t and it hasn’t.

However, a stipulation like this one would help elevate the match. Shane is no slouch when it comes to in-ring technique, but he’s also been out of action for a long while with the minor exception being last year’s Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell; he also played a minor role in the 2016 Survivor Series. Implying that perhaps he may suffer from ring rust isn’t a long shot, despite the fact that Styles is the type of competitor that can help carry a match with any talent; but a No DQ match would not only heighten the story between these two, it would also help create a little more hype around it … and even out the score when you weigh in talent.

In one corner, we have the heel superstar, who also happens to be one of the best in-ring technicians in pro wrestling today. He’s wrestled on a regular basis for years. When you stack up Shane versus Styles, it is hard to imagine that McMahon would even come close to meeting AJ when it comes to match. A No DQ would help even out the score a smidge and add a bit of realism to why and how a man who has been out of the ring for so long could even carry on a match with a superstar of Styles’ caliber.

In addition, a No DQ would add the brutality and aggression that has naturally followed this program and is needed for this match. Styles is quite upset and feels wronged by Shane; while McMahon seems impartial to SD LIVE’s talent in general, the attack out of nowhere has left a sour taste in his mouth … motivating him enough to book himself into a match with Styles, un-fire the superstar, so both could head to Wrestlemania. A No DQ stipulation would be that added element of aggression, turning the bout less in to a ‘match’ and more into a fight. Shane does his best work when the traditional rulebook for matches is thrown out the window – where he can dive from high places and shock audiences; without a No DQ (or any gimmick matches), I don’t foresee the type of match that we are used to seeing McMahon partake in, come this time around.

And maybe that is the idea. Maybe Shane wants to prove to the fans and pro wrestling media that he is more than that guy who flies off the top of anywhere for shock value; maybe he has more wrestling in him than I’m giving credit to.

WNZ fans … your thoughts? Should Shane versus Styles have a No DQ stipulation … any stipulation? Leave your comments below!

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