Before you go off thinking I am way late to this, hear me out. I am well aware that Strowman has already been around WWE for a bit, so I understand you might not agree that he’s able to be called the “Next Big Thing”. But I think he is, and allow me to explain.

At WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker seemingly retired. The fans already hated the man who beat him in his apparently final match, Roman Reigns. While it was a much better match than anyone probably expected, very few are willing to support Roman. Many fans think that Vince, or whomever is calling the shots about this one in Stamford, have lost their minds. It’s possible they have, but it’s also entirely possible that they have there own form of crystal ball, and they already know these gambles will work. And, maybe it does work out years down the road…but the fans are clamoring for the here and now.

Which, quite honestly, is where Braun Strowman comes in. Let’s be real for a minute. He came in as the monster heel. He shot right into a sweet gig as part of the Wyatt Family. And he’s been a heel. But lately, you’ve heard “Thank you Strowman” chants. Fans are cheering this monster of a man, and it runs counter to how Vince McMahon has booked him so far. But the nice thing about this, is that with fans cheering for him, he would be easily turned over to a babyface.

Now, I call Strowman the next big thing, but how? Because to some extent, his early career was not all that different from The Undertaker. Come in as a surprise, and be a dominant force on the heel side of the roster. Then, as fans warm to you, you complete the transition to major babyface star.

And that, right there, is why I think Braun Strowman is the next big thing. Maybe it’s a reach, but it’s how I feel. I think that, while Braun will never re-create The Undertaker’s great Streak, he can start next year by ripping off the first of many big wins at ‘Mania. The man can go about and kill the proverbial golden goose (his bosses) and the crowd loves it. WWE rolled with Reigns, and listen, fans did not want him. So go out and upgrade the guy in the spotlight. Give them someone who  is getting plenty of attention, and it’s a good thing. Crowds love Strowman, so it only makes sense to embrace it.

Now, would you want to see such an arrangement? Or would you leave him as is?

Personally, I’d vote to slowly but surely turn him to the face side of things. Like, super slow. Because he’s good on the mic and in the ring, so he’d absolutely be an in-demand asset. But will he be turned? I think it’s just a matter of time. I mean, you seriously “flipped”over the golden boy’s ambulance, with said golden boy in it. Fans cheered the beating, not  some heroic babyface move. The fans have a big guy (or two) whom they love. Roman Reigns, clearly, is not among them. Might Roman change minds down the road? Sure. But for now, I am all in on Strowman being the next big thing.

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