Curtis Axel started very strong and has cooled off significantly. It is one thing to smother a fire, or burn out. It is another to not feed a fire that is made for a specific reason. Kid Perfect was put into a small program with Triple H and gained a few wins over him and John Cena. No pinfalls or submission victories, but it was enough to begin his push. He has had Paul Heyman’s guidance, reputation by Heyman’s association and even the Intercontinental Championship. The problem is how does him costing Daniel Bryan the Money in the Bank briefcase with no feud or real acknowledgment, being used as a punching bag in the Punk/Lesnar build, and not being on the Summerslam PPV card help push Curtis Axel into a WWE star?

A lot of people are complaining about the United States title being defended on the pre-show. The standard rule of the people being that a title should be defended on the show no matter what. An understandable way of thinking but obviously not how the powers that be within WWE feel and represent. With the card quite full something like an Intercontinental defense seems insignificant when Axel hasn’t had a feud with anyone since Miz and that honestly wasn’t that interesting to watch.

Yet, Axel’s lack of a feud isn’t really his fault is it? He had a small feud to introduce him with HHH, few matches with Cena and then a small one with Miz. Axel really hasn’t been given any longevity with the stories and feuds he has had thus far. He has been used to combat with Punk when Lesnar is either unscheduled to appear, or act as a human wall between Punk and Heyman to further their animosity. This would be fine if he wasn’t the Intercontinental Champion. The problem is Kid Perfect is holding his family title, but he isn’t doing anything with it and on the second most hyped show of the year. He is a healthy scratch who will be used as a pawn in a feud he isn’t really needed in, or a last minute addition to the card. Was there a memo that said this is how to get an Intercontinental Champion over in 2013? My TPS reports are going to have some problems then. Lumbergh is going to make me come in this weekend.

Has Curtis Axel been a great performer thus far? No, but he also hasn’t had any real opportunities to show his skills in a big match situation. Matches on Raw and a few wins over the Miz or Barrett aren’t going to get him legit heat with the WWE audience. Axel needs a real feud with a story. He needs to be shown as a champion, not a Heyman henchman. The match with Punk and Kid Perfect was a good thing. He looked good. It wasn’t just Punk being the best in the world. It was Curtis Axel stepping up to the plate and getting a solid double off the wall. He is capable, but he’s not getting the opportunities. If they want to push Curtis Axel they need to do it more than half the time, or when it is convenient. They need to build his momentum and give him something to sink his teeth into. They need to treat Curtis Axel like a star because then he will become one.

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