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It’s a feud that many fans have been waiting years for, and some say this rivalry has been heating up since the Miz played ‘mentor’ to Daniel Bryan during his NXT days; however, most within the WWE Universe have wanted these two men lock up since their heated argument that unfolded right before everyone’s eyes about two years ago on Talking Smack. Well, no need to wait any more, because everyone’s dream match has been booked for the 2018 SummerSlam event: The Miz versus Daniel Bryan is finally happening.

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The August 2016 unscripted segment really ignited this feud, and the interesting aspect of the dynamic back then was the fact that Daniel Bryan had been retired at the time, with zero hopes of a return to in-ring action. The argument came out of nowhere (like an RKO), and many fans were taken by surprise at just how these men went at it, and it was very apparent that the words exchange came from the heart, and not a piece of paper given to them. Fans love a little reality in any WWE program; it just elevates the feud to new heights. At that point in time (Talking Smack circa 2016), there was salt in the wound though. You had a mega star like the Bearded One, a spectacular performer in the ring who was no longer allowed in that squared circle, bantering back and forth with a superstar who (many fans thought at the time) was an average WWE talent who seemed to get all the opportunity, but never took the chances in the ring that Daniel Bryan did. And it was awkward when Miz flaunted that he could still wrestling, and DB couldn’t. It was a line that perhaps shouldn’t have been drawn, but was. Life seemed unfair, because as the Miz rubbed in the fact that DB couldn’t put his money where his mouth was in the ring, all fans wanted to see was for Bryan to let the Miz have it.

But at that time, it was a program that would never come to be.

Until Daniel got the clearance right before this year’s Wrestlemania 34, approximately two years since his so-called retirement speech. Since DB has been cleared, The Miz versus Daniel Bryan has been the one rivalry on everyone’s mind, because unlike Talking Smack 2016, the impossible has now become possible and these two can finally go at it.

The match was officially booked for SummerSlam this past August 7th edition of SD LIVE, with an interesting bang.

And the build up to this match has been slow, steady, with a ton of teases. It’s clear that WWE Creative was waiting for the second-largest pay-per-view (PPV) of the year, because while The Miz was drafted to SmackDown LIVE during the Superstar Shake Up in April, the two talents (somewhat) avoided each other during the spring. That’s all changed, as both are now engaged in a full-on program, which I believe (hope) will last during SummerSlam season and well into fall.

While the match doesn’t really need that much hype, as it has been years in the making, with one more week until SummerSlam, here’s hoping the WWE will create a video montage on this rivalry and pull from their history from NXT, to Talking Smack, to right now during the go-home SD LIVE episode.

There is that much more to say between these two men; there isn’t that much more they need to do. In about a week or so, they will finally get to lock up in that squared circle; The Miz versus Daniel Bryan, a SummerSlam dream match many never thought would come to fruition.

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