With SmackDown LIVE’s championship matches for SummerSlam set in stone, one can’t help but wonder if those Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcases will be cashed in at some point during WWE’s second largest pay-per-view (PPV) of the season. After all, while we do have weeks to go before the big event, it’s hard to ignore the fact that neither Mr. or Miss MITB, Baron Corbin and Carmella, have any matches booked. Here are my thoughts:

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Not only is Corbin currently not booked in a bout for the PPV, he also happens to be feuding with number one contender, Shinsuke Nakamura. It wouldn’t be a huge stretch to think that Corbin may not only interfere in the WWE title match come SummerSlam, but that he could potentially cash-in. I don’t see Nakamura winning the title at SS. I think he’s more than ready, but it just seems far too easy, too soon, and less compelling for a face of his stature to simply win his number one contender’s match over John Cena to hit SS and win the title. Nakamura’s story demands that he struggle a bit for that title and fans will be far more invested in his pursuit for that WWE title and his current program with Corbin. It would also extend said program. I think there is a great possibility that Nakamura could pin Mahal, offer an opportunity for Corbin to slide up for the cash-in. Still, Mahal is doing some great things as a heel champion, gaining tons of heat for all the assists when it comes to retaining that title. It’s entirely possible that Baron interferes in the SS match, becoming the reason why Nakamura isn’t champion, to further enhance their current rivalry.

The SD LIVE Women’s Championship Match

Right now, Carmella is still riding the wave of being the first-ever Miss MITB briefcase holder. No real program with anyone, no other storyline involved. We have two weeks until SummerSlam, and this undoubtedly could change. Still, SS is an inter-brand PPV and most spots for these events are filled up quickly by legendary part-timers and championship matches. The odds of Carmella getting booked for a bout is slim to none (even on the preshow at this point), unless its tag action; but, its doubtable, even then. Perhaps the reasoning behind this is to place some speculation on whether or not her MITB will be brought into play; perhaps it’s because the briefcase angle will be brought out. I think it’s entirely possible that Carmella may jump in during or at the end of this match. While Naomi has had a lack luster reign, she still has been champ for many months and a switch up in this regard wouldn’t be a bad idea – despite the fact that I love Naomi as champ and would like to see more from her during this reign. While I personally would also love to see Nattie win that title and get another championship run, I question how the powers that be feel about it. She deserves it, but will it happen?

Whether Naomi or Nattie win, a swoop up from Carmella and a successful cash-in would offer a new chapter in every one of these women’s story and offer a new title race program heading into the fall. If a cash-in were to occur, I see it happening with Naomi winning (versus Natalya); a heel versus heel program doesn’t seem in the cards just yet for the women. Still, if Carmella turns this women’s one-on-one SS match into a triple threat and cashes in during the bout, we could see a program that involves three women versus two; and the WWE (both RAW and SD LIVE) love to create programs with as many women as possible within their division to offer adequate air time to female talents. It’s a tossup.

Then, there’s the Ellsworth factor and a successful cash-in. Other than Twitter, we haven’t heard much from James, which makes this long-time fan believe that we will see him come SummerSlam, most likely helping his ‘friend’ Carmella succeed in her pursuit to become SD LIVE women’s champ. That’s one factor, that needs to be considered in all this as well.

MITB Cash-In: Yay Or Nay

I’m an overwhelming ‘nay’ when it comes to the question of whether or not MITB should even enter the SummerSlam spectrum. When it comes to MITB cash-ins in general, I’d like a slow and steady build up: the constant tease of a cash-in with no real cash-in happening. While cashing in (or attempting to) will offer some entertainment, I always like the MITB briefcase to linger for a bit, and a SS cash-in would be too soon for my liking. Especially when it relates to Carmella, as this is the first year we have a MITB contract in the mix, for the women’s division. I’d be ‘ok’ when Corbin cashing in, as it would make sense for his storyline and his feud with Shinsuke, but let the women fester a bit when it comes to MITB. Still, if I had to make an early prediction, I’d say the women MITB will get a cash-in; while Corbin will tease a cash-in and nothing will come of it.

WNZ fans! What are your thoughts? Think that either MITB contracts will come into play, come SummerSlam? Leave your comments below!

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