Kofi versus Miz:

In a match kind of put together last-minute, and a match no one was begging for other than maybe the wrestlers involved, I say the Miz gets the win, but will anyone care?

Total Divas Survivor Series elimination match:

Another match that has me saying “meh”. I don’t not like the divas. I just don’t like this being dubbed a traditional SS match when it’s 7 on 7 (hence, not traditional), and the fact that it currently stands as one of only 2 elimination matches on the card….weak sauce right there. I do expect at least one more elimination match to be thrown together, but that’s of no value to me right now. I suppose the anti-divas will win, since they have the Diva’s Champion…but I really have no interest in it.

Usos, Rey and the Rhodes Brothers vs Real Americans and the Shield:

Finally, a real match worth some watching. I am iffy on Rey here, and I honestly would have loved WWE keeping that mystery man a  mystery until the music played on Sunday, but it is what it is. The combatants here are some of the better acts going, so this one actually should be a good one to watch. Not really thinking of who wins it, but rather how many hints at future moves will be dropped here. I expect more teasing of a Shield split, and possibly some hints of issues between Cody and Dustin. I assume the tag match will be used to protect Rey as much as possible in his return, which leaves me thinking that this is a match both Jimmy and Jey, as well as Cesaro and Swagger, can own and thus steal. I will give the nod to the heels for this one.

Orton versus Big Show for the WWE Title:

This match, to me, is a no brainer. Orton should take this one without much doubt, even though physically he is overmatched. I can’t see how yet another title change makes sense, unless the idea is to marginalized the WWE championship while Cena props up the WHC. Stranger things have happened…but I don’t expect that to be the case. Orton wins, but in spite of all the rumblings about no help for Orton, I do anticipate some significant new development to come out of this match. I say Orton wins, but the chance of help from someone is high (even if they aren’t named The Shield).

Bryan and Punk against The Wyatts:

This, in all likelihood, is your match of the night. The Vegan and the Straight Edge Superstar are two of the best things going today, and they will no doubt put on a show. Harper and Rowan, along with Bray on the outside, have proven to be a bizarre and formidable group since their debut, and I expect them to collectively own the night. But I fully expect a face win here.

Cena versus Del Rio for the WHC:

If, as Cena says, he intends to restore the WHC to it’s former glory, then there is no way he loses on Sunday. None.  I think this should be ADR’s last crack at the gold for some time, and I would like to see the major story coming out of this match being how WWE sets up the next program for Cena as champion. And if I were in  Creative, it would be to have Sandow come in, likely with Del Rio having the edge, just for kicks, and utterly unload on Cena. Leave John beaten and broken as he did before cashing in MITB, but causing ADR to lose the match in the process. But, in keeping with the Super-Cena theme, the referee will be down and miss the annihilation, ADR will go for the cover and what he thinks is a win, only for Cena to kick out, Hulk up and pull the win out of nowhere.

I do expect an Intercontinental re-match-if only because it’s way too easy a match to book. There should be at least one more elimination match, since it is still called Survivor Series, and there’s enough talent not wrestling yet on Sunday to put at least another 5 v 5 together. We shall see…

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