SummerSlam is the second biggest pay-per-view of the year for the WWE and some called last night’s Summerslam the PPV of the year. It was undoubtedly a great pay-per-view. But there are still numerous questions about the wrestlers on an off the card, the storylines, and the general card. Here is the first part of a piece looking at some of the more interesting parts of this year’s SummerSlam and/or its aftermath.

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  • Real Americans, Real obscure. The best tag team that the WWE has put together recently did not showcase their unique and powerful tag work on Summerslam. They have all the tools to be a great faction, but I fear Swagger’s DUI penance is holding them back from holding titles and having great matches on PPVs.
  • Fandango, where do you go? This one is self-explanatory. Fandango has had good matches with quite a few wrestlers, but he hasn’t really been in a feud since the feud with Jericho. He was supposed to be involved in the Intercontinental Title scene but he got sidelined with a concussion that threw off plans, and he’s been middling since. He had no match on this card but it seems like he’s headed for a feud with Miz. To me, that sounds like more middling.
  • What’s next for Bray? I was hoping that this feud would become a long-standing feud between Kane and Bray, as I grew up watching long feuds between wrestlers that lasted months. However, with this news and what happened last night, Kane’s gone for a while. But who becomes the next victim on the Wyatt family’s list?

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  • Why isn’t Ziggler in the title picture? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thought the finish at Money in the Bank all but guaranteed a Ziggler/Del Rio climactic battle at Summerslam. Instead Ziggler squared off against Big E and won the match for his team. My hope is that Ziggler wasn’t in the Summerslam title picture, because they plan for him to be in it long-term after Summerslam. If Ziggler’s going to be in the title picture for the foreseeable future, then the timing of the his feud with Big E makes sense, as Big E can get the rub from feuding with Ziggler now and both can go on their respective ways.
  • Speaking of Big E, will he and AJ ever get together? They’ve teased some physical action between the two for a little while now, and I could see them getting together at some point in the future, when she finally appreciates all that he does for her. He would go to console her after a loss/breakdown and she’d finally kiss him. Then, they date on-screen for a few weeks only for AJ to eventually find out that Big E has been cheating with Kaitlyn, who seduced Big E to get AJ back for the secret admirer prank! As ridiculous and overdone as that story sounds, it wouldn’t be far-fetched given who the WWE’s hiring to write shows lately.
  • Will the Reddit guy strike again? We wrote about this last month, but WWE’s Nostradamus, Dolphins 1925, has been flawless in his predictions about pay-per-view outcomes for some time now until last night. For the first time, he predicted the wrong outcome, and his predictions were wrong multiple times. Dolphins1925 was 3-4. He was right on Kane v Bray, Punk v Lesnar, and Christian v Del Rio. (He updated the Punk and Bray matches) He missed Natalya v Brie, Sandow v Rhodes, Ziggler/Kaitlyn v Big E/AJ, and Cena v Bryan. This is the first pay-per-view where he’s missed a match, much less 4 of them. Jim Ross even picked up on Dolphins1925, tweeting about the Reddit user and Vince’s inability to plug holes. With the Reddit user missing a few matches, maybe Vince did plug a hole…or maybe the Reddit user decided to throw Vince off the scent by deliberately missing a few matches. The chess match between the two continues until the next pay per view.


  • CM Punk, Does he turn or stay face? In a recent interview with IGN, Punk mentioned that he likes to play the villain role, but embraces the challenges of being a fresh face that isn’t overdone, corny, or predictable. Despite those words, it was clear that his heel work was gold earlier this year, when squaring off with both the Rock and the Undertaker, two legends.  Punk put on a career performance against Lesnar, and I couldn’t tell you if it was better than his match against Taker at this point. He angrily kicked the bottom rope while the crowd chanted his name after the match and before he left the ring. His loss to Lesnar is fairly versatile, because this can spiral him into a bad mood that results in him turning heel, or he can continue the Heyman feud and save face. It should be interesting to see where he goes.

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