SummerSlam is the second biggest pay-per-view of the year for the WWE, and it delivered. But there are still numerous questions about the wrestlers on an off the ppv, the storylines, and the general card. Here is the second part of a piece looking at some of the more intriguing parts of this year’s SummerSlam and/or its aftermath.

Summerslam 2012

  •  Triple H has wrestled in or been involved in the last 3 straight Summerslam main events. He was a special referee in 2011 where he blew a call; he fought Lesnar and lost in 2012; and he was the special referee for Bryan and Cena. We all know why he decided to be the special guest referee now, but why does he insist on being paramount at Summerslam? Is this maybe his favorite PPV? Does he secretly want to be remembered for his Summerslam performances and appearances the way that Taker is? I don’t know why he keeps appearing in SummerSlam Main Events but it’s something to consider.
  • There was no Intercontinental Title defense. The one title that has changed hands the most in the history of Summerslam will not be up for grabs. Not sure how much sense that made when they planned out Summerslam a few weeks ago. But as CM Punk says, the WWE has a way of missing “the mark on a lot of common sense stuff.”
  • What does Heyman do after Lesnar leaves? Heyman is a huge player, and although I like Axel, there’s no reason for him to only work the midcard angle with Axel.
  • Speaking of Lesnar, he gets at least $5 Million over the course of the year for only 3 matches. Is he worth that money? Chances are that we won’t see him again until next Wrestlemania. Sure this match with Punk last night was one of the best of the year and it was money, both figuratively and literally, but $1.67Million per match is a steep price tag any way that you cut it.


  • Word is that Cena will be taking time off to deal with that gruesome elbow. Will the ratings dip a significant amount with him not on TV like they have before when he hasn’t been around or will the story of Daniel Bryan and heel Orton be able to carry Raw to respectable ratings that are in line with what they usually do around this time of the year? Maybe the Triple H swerve was also way to get him on TV regularly and keep ratings up until Cena returns. We all know that they don’t believe anyone can carry the ratings the way that Cena does.
  • Is this the foolish decline of the Shield? So as the story goes, Triple H wants to ensure the success of the Wyatt’s but, as you can see from the post, at the cost of weakening the Shield. The Shield didn’t make an appearance during Summerslam, only being involved in the pre-show. As a wrestler who became a star during the Faction Wars, why would Triple H feel the need to weaken a faction (the Shield) to elevate another, instead of having several strong ones? (Shield AND Wyatt’s) If you think fan attention span is too short, you’re underestimating the WWE Universe. The Shield has been too dynamic of a group for them to suddenly become ineffective without doing damage to their credibility as characters, separate and collective. I hope someone makes Triple H reverse course on this.
  • New finisher for Daniel Bryan. In the comments section, WNZ writer Adrian Fylonenko suggested that Daniel Bryan could use that running knee as a finisher. The way that Cena sold it last night made it seem like Bryan had legitimately knocked him out. Bryan delivers the move with such velocity and fury that it’s a sudden, believable finisher. With him being a Main Event player know, this could be the pinfall finisher that Vince probably wants him to have, as Vince isn’t the biggest fan of submission victories.
  • Does Vince rescind the Orton victory to further the Power Struggle angle? Remember, during the Attitude Era and after, Vince would strip people of belts who he didn’t think should have them due to rule infraction or dislike. Vince usurping Triple H’s decision at Summerslam creates an immediate power struggle that can last all the way to WM30.  It also creates a drastic switch in roles for both men, as Vince was the heel and Triple H was the face until Summerslam. Rescinding Orton’s win can set up an interesting tournament for the vacant WWE Title where Bryan could ride the wave of his popularity to a victory over Randy Orton in the Finals for the WWE Title.


  • Speaking of heel Triple H, what do we make of Triple H and Randy Orton aligning? Last week within these comments someone mentioned the prospect of Evolution reforming as a result of a Daniel Bryan screwjob and that prospect was dismissed. Now? Well, as the logo used to go, “Anything can happen in the WW[E]!” and with Orton and Triple H aligned, the possibility is there that Evolution or some version of it may be reformed or formed. I’m not saying that it will definitely happen, but it cannot be discounted. Will Randy now have Viper faceplates on the belt if he keeps it or RKO faceplates? 0.O
  • Damn that was a good pay-per-view. Despite not having quite a few talented wrestlers performing tonight during Summerslam, the WWE reminded us that they know how to deliver and book a solid show. Orton’s heel turn makes his a villain in every sense of the word;  the Punk-Lesnar fight had an end that can lead to a continuation of the Punk/Heyman feud; the WHT picture is open for Ziggler to return back to it; and Cody got the win he deserved. There were few if any disappointing moments on the PPV.

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