Out of all the wrestlers on TNA’s roster, the personalities who attract the most attention on social media are… Dixie Carter, Dewey Barnes, and Norv Fernum. We’re not listing AJ Styles because he has “left” TNA as the “Real World Champion.”

Who doesn’t love good jobbers? The Mulkey Brothers. Steve Reeves. Omar Atlas. Pat Rose. George South. The Libyan. Jobbers used to make the world go around in the 80s on super-long TV tapings. However, jobbers are meant to be jobbers. They’re not meant to be your most popular wrestlers on the roster. They’re not supposed to draw the same kind of elation as, say, Brooke Tessmacher twerking on Youtube. And, yet, this is the predicament TNA finds itself in right now.

TNA doesn’t know which guys to push as leaders who can draw money and fan interest. If they want to be successful in 2014, they must find a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, Dixie Carter doesn’t seem interested in listening to your helpful suggestions.

“I never have to go around proving myself because [of my instincts].

“Lord have mercy how right I am. It has proven my point that no one, except myself of course, is irreplaceable. Listen, this is a business, people. That’s what you don’t understand. It’s about what have you done for me, lately. Period.”

And then she proceeded to forget Chris Sabin’s name when name-dropping Jeff Hardy winning a Full Metal Mayhem match in her title tournament. Chris Sabin, the guy who was her TNA heavyweight champion months ago.

After proclaiming Beer Money to be the best tag team in the history of TNA, Dixie celebrated another tag team being split apart by pushing Samoa Joe vs. Magnus. Joe ripped Dixie for the title tournament a week after Sting said that the Main Event Mafia needed to split apart only months after it’s reunion.

It’s like no one in TNA can keep up with their own angles from week-to-week, let alone at their own TV tapings for one night. The only thing they’re consistent at is picking the wrong guys to consistently get behind.

There were two shining examples of this policy at work on Impact — Ken Anderson and Joseph Park/Abyss. Two guys who will not draw a dime on PPV. Two guys who are not great wrestlers. Two guys who are mildly above-average promos. Two guys who the fans can’t figure out what to make of them and what their purpose is.

Anderson clearly is getting the push as the destroyer of Aces & 8’s. His babyface work comes across as awkward and his heel work comes across as boring. So, you get this tweener vibe from him and you’re never sure why you should be cheering for him. Nevertheless, Anderson said that he would put his career on the line against Bully Ray if it meant that Aces & 8’s had to break up if Ray lost in a singles match in Orlando. This led to Bully Ray saying he wanted to pile-drive Ken Anderson’s pregnant wife. Anderson had a match with Knux that was anything but charitable. This is who TNA wants to count on as a top babyface? Why would anyone believe in the credibility of a TNA stipulation?

As a main eventer, Ken Anderson isn’t going to draw substantial money. Neither is Joseph Park/Abyss. The most damning indictment of the Park gimmick is that Fernum & Barnes, the two TNA prime time jobbers, immediately got over on social media & television for being goofs trying to hang with the wrestlers on the TNA roster. That’s the whole point of Park’s gimmick. Abyss’s alter ego is the lawyer who can barely function in the wrestling ring. How much television time has TNA spent trying to push the Joseph Park gimmick over and over again in hopes that it would draw big fan support? It’s a total failure and Fernum/Barnes unwittingly exposed it. However, that’s not stopping TNA from giving oxygen to a dead-end gimmick that is going nowhere and will never draw a PPV buy. Even worse, Park now says he’s going to wrestle Abyss (himself) next week.

Dixie Carter can’t remember the name of her former TNA world champion from a few months ago but has no trouble remembering to give numerous quarter-hours to guys with limited or no upside. whatsoever. As long as they continue to job out guys like Austin Aries in submission matches where he’s attempting 450-degree splashes & marry veterans like Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian in programs with dead-enders like Joseph Park, TNA is going to struggle making money. By relocating television tapings back to Orlando, TNA is just trying to stop the financial bleeding. Chris Jericho was exactly spot on when he said that it’s hard to recruit wrestlers for an organization that shows no potential for growth & development.

Can Jeff Jarrett convince Dixie Carter to hand the keys of TNA back to him before it’s too late?

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