Why do you want to chase away AJ Styles, the man who personified what TNA was all about as the alternative to WWE?

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be attempting to use logic to try to understand wrestling angles in 2013. Silly us. That’s old-school mentality in a new-school world. But I still want to know why Dixie Carter wants to get rid of AJ Styles so badly after signing him to a short-term extension.

Let’s review the events of the past month. AJ Styles went from his lone wolf ways to becoming a member of the Main Event Mafia. After signing a short-term extension to stay with TNA, he won Bound for Glory in St. Louis and trashed Dixie Carter for wrecking the morale in the locker room because she bought TNA as a toy with her father’s money. He also said that TNA is a place where WWE stars go for a two-year paid vacation and then return to Stamford.

In response, Dixie Carter ripped Styles as being “The Marginal One” and said that if it wasn’t for her daddy’s money, Styles would still be living in a trailer in suburban Atlanta. Hulk Hogan stepped in and decided to sign AJ Styles to a new contract. Dixie Carter ripped up the contract and told Styles to go away. She then told Hogan to either hop aboard “The Dixie Train” or quit. Hogan quits and Dixie pleads with him to stay while grabbing onto his leg.

I’ve read the comments you’ve posted to my recent TNA articles and quite a few of you here (and on social media) have ripped Dixie Carter for being a wannabe Stephanie McMahon.

Which brings us to TNA’s event from Tulsa, Oklahoma on Thursday night. Dixie Carter called Hogan a fringe player and said she’ll never mention Hogan’s name ever again.

“I didn’t need him. I don’t need anybody to come in here and tell me how to run my own wrestling company. I mean, good Lord. I mean, I don’t need any Vince. I don’t need has-been Eric Bischoff. I don’t need any Mr. Stephanie Levesque. And I don’t need those good old boy Jarretts. How can they can tell me to do anything better when I am the best this industry has ever seen?”

Remember when I said that Dixie Carter has gone into “let it burn” mode a few weeks ago? If the ship is sinking and you’re the money mark, then time to get on television and put yourself over as much as possible before the plug gets pulled. Not only that, the critics are right — this woman is attempting to re-enact what she’s watching every Monday night on RAW, only doing a miserable job of it. What an alternative to WWE programming for the fans.

“AJ, what are you thinking buddy? You are not needed here. … Our hard-working world champ (Bully Ray), he deserves a big break tonight.”

Ah, ha. So, the payoff for Bound for Glory is that Dixie Carter is going to screw AJ Styles out of the TNA title and back Aces & 8’s. That’s the only logical next step to this mess of an angle, right?

Sting approached Dixie Carter and she ripped the leader of the Mafia, saying he could have the same fate as Styles.

“It’s going to be those guys in the back, all of them need to wake up and they are under my current review. Darling, that includes you, too. … Do you want to be like AJ? Do you want to be without a contract? Do you want your future to be over here? Honey, I don’t want that, of all people, I don’t want that for you. Do you? But I’ll tell you, I’ll do it. I will do it. … Your future here is in the palm of my little bitty hand, OK? So, just remember that, OK? But one other thing, Steve, hey… that’s what’s going on.”

Before facing Knux & Garett Bischoff in a handicap match, AJ Styles told the fans that he was going to make Dixie Carter pay. Dixie Carter then offered AJ Styles a check to go away and not wrestle Bully Ray at Bound for Glory. Styles said he can’t be bought off, to which she replied that she didn’t sign the check. Insert your own check-bouncing punchline here. Why wouldn’t AJ accept her payoff and go somewhere else where he would get treated better? Does he think that if he wins the title that she’ll have to treat the locker room better?

After winning the TV main event 2-on-1 handicap match, AJ Styles got laid out by Bully Ray. A traditional go-home show beatdown before the PPV. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is what the payoff from the angle is going to be.

Scenario one: AJ Styles beats Bully Ray clean and wins the TNA title. How’s he going to make Dixie Carter pay? Is he going to commit an act of violence against a woman? Is he going to spank her? Is he going to walk out of TNA with the title and go to WWE or New Japan? What exactly is the end game here? He can’t replace Dixie Carter because she’s going nowhere until her father pulls the plug on bankrolling the company. Why would Styles want to stick around an organization where the owner dumps on him all the time as being “The Marginal One”? The owner of the company you work for is telling the fans that you suck and expects the same fans to pay her money?

Scenario two: AJ Styles beats Bully Ray with some assistance to win the TNA title. Call this the Dusty Finish scenario where Dixie can copy what she saw on TV with the Scott Armstrong angle on RAW.

Scenario three: AJ Styles loses to Bully Ray by screwjob (via Dixie Carter, a Dixie henchman, or a Sting heel turn). What’s the motivation for wanting to stick around TNA when you say that the owner has destroyed morale in the locker room and has no idea what she’s doing as an owner? Dixie Carter offers you money to go away and leave TNA, you refuse, and yet you want to draw a paycheck after getting screwed by her in your quest for the title belt?

Scenario four: AJ Styles loses cleanly to Bully Ray. His tenure in TNA is untenable at that point and he’s off to work for another organization that appreciates his talents better. Why continue in TNA at that point when you know that Dixie Carter is going to continue telling the fans that you should be labeled as a loser?

And just what exactly is the end game here for Dixie Carter in this money mark angle? Who is she going to replace Sting and AJ Styles with at the top of the card — Aces & 8’s? E.G.O? Remember, she knocked Kazarian & Daniels when Dixie said that they were good wrestlers but icky. Unless Dixie Carter elevates someone like Austin Aries as her version of Randy Orton to be “the new face of TNA,” then this attempted copy cat angle of the McMahon Family power play cannot be used in a positive manner to push someone or to build someone up to the top of the TNA cards.

So, tell me again, why exactly does Dixie Carter want to get rid of AJ Styles and who does she want to replace him with?

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