Austin Aries is the self-proclaimed “greatest man that ever lived” and has reached a great amount of success since joining TNA. He has a very small build, but what he lacks is size he makes up with charisma and phenomenal wrestling skills. Dolph Ziggler considers himself to be a “showoff” and he proves that every night. Ziggler is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers in WWE today and his selling skills are the best in the world. Both Aries and Ziggler have two things in common; they’re completely full of themselves and they could sell a bible to Satan. They’re that good. These two Superstars always back their statements up and give it their all whenever they perform.

“TNA vs. WWE Fantasy Match” is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a weekly series that will feature a match between current TNA and WWE Superstars. Along with the booked match and predicted winner at the end of each piece, there will a brief history of each Superstar. Also, career accolades and informative stats about each competitor will be highlighted as well.

This week’s Fantasy Match showcases two of the cockiest professional wrestlers today; Austin Aries of TNA and the former World Heavyweight champion, Dolph Ziggler.


Austin Aries and Dolph Ziggler have never competed against one another before. Not in developmental and not in any other promotions. In this section, a brief history of each Superstar’s career as well as their championship reigns and accomplishments are examined:

Austin Aries

Believe it or not, Austin Aries actually competed in TNA back in 2005. He managed to stay with the company for almost three years, but was also wrestling over at Ring of Honor, where he first made a name for himself. In 2007, ROH announced that they had signed a PPV deal and following the announcement, TNA pulled Aries from all ROH shows. At this time, Aries was under contract with TNA wrestling.

In April 2007, Aries was suspended for 90 days for “having a bad attitude” after TNA asked him to do a vignette/promo on his day off. During the suspension, Aries asked for his release and he immediately went back to ROH. Aries would stay at ROH for a good four years before spending a short time in Dragon Gate USA (2010-2011).

Austin Aries made his TNA re-debut in the X-Division Showcase Tournament held back in 2011. Austin won a series of matches and eventually earned a TNA contract. After having a 250+ day X-Division Title reign, Aries created “Plan C” along with Hulk Hogan, which would allow any X-Division champion to relinquish their title for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Destination X.

At Destination X 2012, Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This was a historic victory because at the time, Roode had held the TNA WHC for a record 256 days. Eventually, Austin Aries would go on to main event Bound For Glory 2012, which is TNA’s biggest PPV of the year. He lost the World Heavyweight Title to Jeff Hardy in a classic and memorable bout.

As of today, Aries is a popular TNA Superstar and just lost the X-Division Championship to Chris Sabin. At 35 years old, Aries still has a lot to give to the professional wrestling industry and his charisma and confidence is a positive quality that separates him from the rest of the roster.

Austin Aries’ Accomplishments:

ROH: Two-time Ring of Honor World Champion; Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion

TNA: World Heavyweight Champion; Two-time X-Division Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Fifth TNA Triple Crown Champion.

Dolph Ziggler

After spending two years in WWE’s developmental territory, Dolph Ziggler finally made it to the main stage after debuting as a Chavo Guerrero’s caddie. His first match was on Sunday Night Heat, but after Eddie Guerrero’s death in 2005, Chavo dropped the Kerwin White gimmick and Ziggler was sent back to OVW.

In January 2006, Ziggler made his official debut as a member of the Spirit Squad – a heel faction made up of male cheerleaders. I know it sounds silly, but these guys were really athletic and surprisingly entertaining. They even main evented a few PPVs.

After being sent back to WWE developmental again, Dolph Ziggler finally became Dolph Ziggler in September 2008. Unfortunately, Ziggler’s high was instantly killed after he was suspended for 30 days after violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy. After Ziggler came back, he instantly jobbed to Batista.

Ziggler didn’t make a true name for himself until after he was drafted to SmackDown in the 2009 Supplemental Draft. Ziggler gained the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero and he instantly found success by defeating Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship on the August 6, 2010 edition of SmackDown.

After a five month IC Title reign, Ziggler won a qualifying match to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion Edge at the Royal Rumble 2011 PPV. He lost the match, but weeks later; was awarded the WHC after Vickie fired Edge. Ziggler had a pointless and embarrassing reign that only lasted an hour or so.

As of today, Dolph Ziggler just lost the World Heavyweight Title to Alberto Del Rio at WWE’s first annual Payback PPV. Also, Ziggler has turned face and is getting some positive reaction from the fans. It’s a shame how the WWE books Ziggler nowadays, the dude is clearly talented, but they always seem to screw him someway or another. Most recently, the 32 year old had announced that he broke up with AJ Lee and is now flying solo as a face.

Dolph Ziggler’s Accomplishments:

WWE: Two-time World Heavyweight Champion; World Tag Team Champion; United States Champion; Intercontinental Champion; Wresting Observer Newsletter’s Most Underrated and Most Improved Wrestler (2011).


aries ziggler table

As you can see from the table, Austin Aries has wrestled over 200 less matches than Dolph Ziggler and he has a much higher win percentage as well. For the amount of talent that he has, Ziggler’s 32% win percentage is embarrassing. Granted, Ziggler is just starting to become popular with the fans and he is a face for the first time in his career, so hopefully the wins keep piling up for the Showoff.

Austin Aries vs. Dolph Ziggler 2014

If Austin Aries and Dolph Ziggler competed against each other sometime next year, their match or series of matches would be out of this world. These guys are extremely talented and always put on an exciting and entertaining show whenever they step into the ring. Aries may be a little quicker than Ziggler, but the Showoff is, I think, more powerful. Aries has shown some impressive feats of strength throughout his career, but Ziggler has a bigger overall build.

Aries and Ziggler are two of the best sellers in wrestling today. They will be thrown into the announce table and afterwards, it’d look they were hit by a semi-truck. I can’t stress enough how gifted these guys are.

As for who would win the match, I’d have to go with my brain instead of my heart and pick Austin Aries. Personally, I think Ziggler is a more entertaining performer, but the way he is booked in WWE is beyond ridiculous and just unacceptable. Aries hasn’t been booked all that well either, but at least he still seems credible.

Prediction: Austin Aries defeats Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 30. After a jaw-dropping 20 minutes of action, Ziggler takes a brutal bump and Aries throws him in the ring. Aries then hits the Brain Buster and locks in the Last Chancery to make Ziggler tap out.

Winner: Austin Aries

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