Samoa Joe is one of the most agile, powerful and intimidating heavyweight wrestlers of all time. Before making it to TNA, Joe made a name for himself in Ring of Honor, where he really showed off what he could do in a series of unforgettable matches. If you’re in the ring with Samoa Joe, beware, he’s going to try and choke you out. Randy Orton is the perfect WWE Superstar. He has a phenomenal look, a great physique and happens to be one of the better wrestlers on the WWE roster. Orton has been in the professional wrestling business a long time and is currently holding the WWE Title Money in the Bank briefcase.

“TNA vs. WWE Fantasy Match” is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a weekly series that will feature a match between current TNA and WWE Superstars. Along with the booked match and predicted winner at the end of each piece, there will a brief history of each Superstar. Also, career accolades and informative stats about each competitor will be highlighted as well.

This week’s Fantasy Match showcases two extremely dangerous wrestlers; Samoa Joe of TNA and the Viper, Randy Orton.


Even though they’ve been wrestling for over a decade, Samoa Joe and Randy Orton have never stepped foot inside a wrestling ring together. In this section, a brief history of each Superstar’s career as well as their championship reigns and accomplishments are examined:

Samoa Joe

The Samoan Submission Machine never had anything handed to him and he made it to TNA by paying his dues in the independent circuit. He started wrestling in 1999 and after working for a few independent promotions; Joe joined the third largest company in the world, Ring of Honor. This was back in 2002 and at this time, there were a lot of up and coming Superstars that were competing in ROH. Joe standing out in a field of gifted, talented wrestlers really tells you something about his wrestling ability and the way he carries himself as a performer.

Joe had some of the greatest matches and rivalries during his time in ROH. The most obvious series of matches came against the former WWE champion, CM Punk. At the time, these two were younger and less experienced, but they still managed to receive a five star match rating in the process. As most of you know, Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Match Star Ratings are rarely given out, at least in American promotions, and the second out of three matches between Joe and Punk was awarded with the incredible honor.

In 2005, Joe gave the fans another top notch, five star match against Kenta Kobashi, who was wrestling in the United States from Japan. After competing in his second flawless match, Joe went on to wrestle against the likes of Chris Hero, Homicide and Daniel Bryan.

On June 14, 2005 Samoa Joe had officially signed a contract that would send him to TNA. Upon his arrival, Joe went on a massive Goldberg-like winning streak, becoming one of the most feared men in the entire promotion. His violent one-of-a-kind style separated Joe from the rest of the roster…and then WWE legend Kurt Angle joined promotion. Both Joe and Angle are/were phenomenal technical wrestlers and they gave fans one of the most popular and memorable feuds in TNA history.

Fast forward a few years to 2013 and Samoa Joe is a member of the Main Event Mafia, who are trying to get rid of the cancer that is the Aces & Eights.

Samoa Joe’s Accomplishments:

ROH: ROH Pure World Champion; ROH World Heavyweight Champion; Two-time 5 Star Match Recipient (2004, 2005)

TNA: World Heavyweight Champion; Four-time X Division Champion; Two-time TNA World Tag Team Champion; Television Champion; 5 Star Match Recipient (2005).

Randy Orton

You can say that Randy Orton had a lot of things handed to him considering his father is a WWE Hall of Famer, but his journey to the top had many speed bumps and downfalls along the way. Orton joined the WWE in 2001 and was placed in the developmental program. He only stayed in developmental for a year before making it to the main roster.

From 2002 on, Orton would become one of the hottest names in the wrestling industry. Sure, he was given a chance and shot straight to the top thanks to his father, but that doesn’t take away the hard work he put in and let’s face it, we all know Randy was born and bred to wrestle.

After recovering from an injury, Orton slowly turned into a narcissistic heel that would do anything to win. He learned from the very best in the business when he joined the memorable heel faction known as Evolution. With guidance from Triple H and Ric Flair, the sky was truly the limit for the Apex Predator.

Orton stayed with the villainous faction for about three years until he was “kicked out”. At the time, Orton had become the youngest World Heavyweight champion in history (24) and it was obvious that Triple H was jealous of that achievement.

After flying solo for a couple of years, Orton teamed up with WWE Hall of Famer Edge and formed Rated RKO. It was an interesting pairing, but there run as a tag team wasn’t anything groundbreaking. In 2007, Orton took things into his own hands and became the leader of his own faction, Legacy, which comprised of a young Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, two other Superstars that were born and bred for greatness.

After ditching Rhodes and DiBiase, Orton focused on the World Heavyweight championship and has been in the title picture ever since, kind of.

There is a lot of speculation that Orton hasn’t held the World Heavyweight or WWE Championships in a few years mainly because of his two strikes when it comes to the WWE’s Wellness Policy. Early on, Orton was a trouble maker who did things his own way and didn’t care what anybody said. Even Orton has admitted in multiple interviews that he was immature and out of line when he first came into the business. But, considering Orton has the WWE Title Money in the Bank briefcase, it seems like Vince McMahon and other WWE officials trust that Orton has changed his ways and is ready to become the WWE champion once again.

Randy Orton’s Accomplishments:

WWE: Nine-time World Champion; Intercontinental Champion; Tag Team Champion; 2009 Royal Rumble Winner; 2013 Money in the Bank Briefcase Holder.


Joe Orton Table

As you can see from the table, Orton has competed in almost double the amount of matches that Joe has. I found this stat to be interesting, but it makes sense considering Orton virtually wrestles at every Raw, SmackDown and WWE pay-per-view. Joe on the other hand was performing in independent promotions for a number of years and there was nothing that concrete for him until 2005. I knew Orton had competed in more matches than Joe, but it is still an overwhelming number.

Samoa Joe vs. Randy Orton 2014

Samoa Joe vs. Randy Orton has been one of the more difficult TNA vs. WWE Fantasy matches to predict. Both of these competitors are so unique and different, but they also have a few similarities as well, mainly their mean streak and no-nonsense villainous characters.

If this match took place at a neutral site, I’d give the win to Samoa Joe. However, if the match took place at let’s say WrestleMania 30, I’d say that Orton would win. Regardless of who wins, these two would definitely put on an epic performance. I feel that Randy Orton is extremely underrated when it comes to his in-ring skills and actual wrestling ability and there is nobody better than Samoa Joe to help Orton show how good he truly is.

If Samoa Joe came to the WWE, I think a lot of the fans would know who he is. He would probably go on a vicious winning streak and a match between Orton and Joe would culminate at WrestleMania 30. These two would have a rivalry solely based on respect and to see who was the better man.

Prediction: Randy Orton defeats Samoa Joe with a tiresome; last gasp RKO after being dominated by the Samoan Submission Machine for twenty minutes. Trust me, I’d like to give the win the Samoa Joe, but there has been a lot of times where Orton gets completely annihilated, but then hits an RKO (out of nowhere!) and picks up a victory. Samoa Joe will lose the match, but gain the respect of fans for his performance against Orton. As many wrestling fans know, you can still go over and be a crowd favorite even in defeat.

Winner: Randy Orton

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