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First, Asuka left NXT and joined RAW. Then over the past few weeks, we have seen five other names from NXT also head to the main roster. All the additions to the main roster have left NXT somewhat light on female superstars. As we head into a new year, keep an eye on these individuals to shine.

Kairi Sane

It’s still early in Kairi Sane’s NXT career, but she’s already making a name for herself by winning the Mae Young Classic. Before the tournament, I never heard of Sane and now she’s becoming one of the top female stars to watch in 2018. She was less than half a second from becoming champion on several occasions at Takeover: WarGames and that trend should continue. If WWE wants fans to see the value in these special tournaments, the winners need to start becoming major players. Like I said, Sane just started with WWE and in six months, she could be a real threat to the title. I do wish she gets away from the pirate gimmick.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay

The iconic duo works best when as one unit, hence why they’re listed together. I’m not sure if either is ever going to win singles gold in NXT, but Peyton Royce & Billie Kay always keep things interesting. They remind me of Impact Wrestling’s The Beautiful People, which remains one of the promotion’s best stables. If there was such a thing as female tag team titles in NXT or WWE, Peyton & Billie would be my first pick to wear the gold. Some people find success with a partner in crime and that’s where these two come in. With so many names joining the main roster, they’re starting to become the female veterans of NXT.

Ember Moon

Ember Moon finally became NXT Women’s Champion, although she was never able to defeat Asuka for the title. Of everyone who challenged Asuka, Moon came closer than anyone to securing the victory. With Asuka doing her thing on RAW, that leaves the door wide open for someone to fill that void. Moon has big shoes to fill as fans will always remember that she never defeated the champion to claim the gold. Somebody had to take Asuka’s spot and WWE went with Moon. I’m not sure if fans will ever fully accept Moon as the champion, so she has a tall hill to climb.

Nikki Cross

Eric Young is the leader of Sanity, a group of four unstable wrestlers that don’t seem to care about their own well-being; as long as they secure the win while creating havoc. I always figured Nikki Cross would be the one to dethrone Asuka, but that isn’t how things played out. Nikki does a great job managing Sanity as she isn’t afraid to get involved and take some nasty bumps. She is the wild card of NXT’s women division as she can go from a title match one week to Sanity’s secret weapon the next week.   

Zelina Vega

Talk about good things that come in small packages. Zelina Vega helped turn around the career of Andrade “Cien” Almas. It felt like WWE gave up on Almas and then he was paired with Vega. Several months later and Almas is now the NXT Champion and he owes that to Vega. She got Almas back on track and played a major factor in him capturing the belt. I’m not sure if we’ll see Vega wrestle, but she’s doing a great job serving in the role of valet. When Almas heads to the main roster, it’ll be investing if Vega joins him or stays in NXT to challenge for the title or assist another helpless sole find their passion.

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