Since they emerged, The Shield has taken on, and taken out, many top superstars, generally without concern for who they are or what they are. Face or heel, champion or not did not matter. They seemed to be working for some greater good in their eyes. At first it was insinuated that they were linked possibly to Punk and Heyman, then it just seemed like in some cases they could be hired muscle. And then, on August 19th 2013,  at Raw… they protect the ring for the McMahons and HHH and seemingly do their bidding.

So, I ask, has The Shield taken a step forward or a step back?

If I were inclined to think this, I could say they took a step forward by aligning themselves as the Corporate muscle. Who wouldn’t want to be hitching their wagon with the owner, the COO and the WWE Champion? It makes sense…but does it make sense for The Shield?

My first thought was that it does not. These three men went from calculated villains to corporate henchmen. It doesn’t seem to suit them. Second, does this shake out as a scheme that has been afoot for virtually as long as they’ve been active in WWE? In which case, there are inconsistencies perhaps, considering that Orton went against The Shield not that long ago. But, we all know many WWE storylines have plot holes that may never be answered, so….anything is possible.

But, suppose for a moment they aren’t really operating as hired muscle for McMahon and HHH. Suppose this is some rebirth of Legacy, in a new mold. Then of course it would make sense to want as many titles in the stable as possible. That would be logical. Using your tag champs and US Champ as bodyguards? Not so much.

This is something I look to have explained better in the coming weeks. Are they a part of this new alliance? Was their involvement a short term arrangement only? Could this finally be the WWE making an effort to let us know who has been giving The Shield their marching orders for nearly a year now? As prominent a role as they’ve played since their explosion onto the WWE scene, I don’t know that they could be easily diminished. But I do fear that if their inclusion is mishandled, they could be derailed, and that could be a bad thing.

How these next few weeks unfolds will be critical for the future of The Shield, and I for one am quite curious to see how things unfold.

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