If you cash in your Money In The Bank briefcase, and they cut to commercial, it’s not a good omen. If they cut to at least one other commercial break during the match? It’s the death knell.

Which is a shame, because I had much higher hopes for the eventual cash-in by Sandow-though I had opined just yesterday that he would likely have to cash in fairly soon, or not cash in until after ‘Mania. At least now we have that answer.

Beyond that, the opening segment, as it first started? There’s your face of the WWE. Not that we doubted that, but when the opening montage aired and they declared Orton to be the new face, the booking says otherwise. The “bump” as Sandow appeared to be leaving the ring seemed a bit forced, maybe even slightly botched (not sure if Cena was supposed to step to him and get in his face or if it was supposed to be like Sandow and Cena bumped). But the beating? Easily built Sandow up after the last couple months minus Cody seemed to have Damien as an overlooked star. Heck of a match for both, but the number of commercial breaks just leaves me shaking my head. The outcome, I can live with-however I actually felt that that Cody would have spoiled any Sandow cash-in. Such a move could have both re-ignited that feud, and could have also begun to put a wedge between Cody and Dustin, as Golddust could feel slighted that, in spite of being tag champions, his brother was still more interested in being a singles champion. Just sayin’

Curious to see where they take the Big E/Ambrose thing. Will we see more of it? Hope so. And the six man…could have been better, but it’s nice to see that now, the Usos are seen as a legit team to go up against The Shield, when it wasn’t that long ago that they wanted a piece of them and were seen as wicked underdogs. Nice to see the progression.

The Heartbreak Kid had some ‘splainin’ to do. And….it was weak. Very weak. He did it because Daniel knocked out his friend, he had to have his back? And the whole hand shake? You just knew that if Bryan eventually shook it, it was to put a hold on Shawn. Which he did. The promo absolutely pushed HBK over to the completely heel side of things, from where I sit. The whole “I am that good so you should be honored to shake my hand” attitude will no doubt rub a number of folks the wrong way-so, in that mind, mission accomplished.

But then, Bryan attacked by the Wyatts? And no Kane rushing in to help? Are the doing a slow build up to a reunion of Team Hell No? Or has The Authority now purchased the services of yet another heel stable? Really not sure where this will go, so I am very curious. Either WWE is further elevating The Wyatts (as a way to round out an eventual Survivor Series team?) or they are harshly dropping Daniel Bryan out of the Main Event slot. These happenings make the Orton celebration worth watching because you knew, once it was announced, that someone would be interfering. They always do at these things. But will it be Bryan, supposedly rushed to a hospital (though, they never showed the ambulance leave….). Or will it be Big Show, defying the restraining order? Or, someone else completely (like say, another round of Sheamus/Orton?).

And, it’s nice to see Kane back. I think Mike Mizanin may disagree, however. So, after flirting with the Wyatts, does this make Kane also a heel, or more like Miz is officially a jobber? If so, should Miz join 3MB?

And Kane calls out….Stephanie? Telling her that whats best for business is to let her unleash the monster? And he unmasks, gives her the mask and leaves, with her smiling? Surely I am missing something here, because if things are unfolding as they seem, The Authority just secured services from the Wyatts AND Kane, to go along with Orton and The Shield. I expect a full 20-30 minutes for Orton’s segment, because at this rate they ought to have a massive run-in of some sort. Cena? Unification? I know there have been rumblings of it….

In other news….Punk is still way…WAY…over. Three best pops going right now, Bryan, Punk and Cena (sure seemed like he got a good one to open the show, but was it somewhat piped in?). Will WWE keep him out of the Authority/Power Trip angle? Or will he be the one to get some face unity in place to stand up to them? He has always seemed to be the anti-authority figure, and it’s hard to say he doesn’t deserve a shot at a world title (apologies to Bryan).

And. in still other news? Ryback. Absolutely. Blew. That. Table. Spot. Seriously, that had to be the worst ever, worse than even the wrestlers who were body slammed crooked and then repositioned themselves for a top rope splash.

And with the second appearance of The Wyatts, I have to say I am kinda getting tired of the video clips announcing they are arriving. Especially for the Bryan backstage attack earlier, it’s beginning to feel like it takes something away from it. You know what’s happening or who is coming…but…just isn’t working for me anymore. Probably just me though. But what are they doing with Punk? Sure seems like they are now also on the take?

Real Americans go over The Rhodes Boys. Seemed likely once announced as a non-title affair. Good win for Cesaro and Swagger. Bummed that there’s no giant swing. And, damn. Impressed that Dustin does his own makeup. As intricate as it is, I honestly figured he had someone doing it for him. Color me impressed. I won’t be upset if this means we see The Real Americans getting the #1 contender shot. Wouldn’t be against them being the next to hold the straps.

Summer Rae finally wrestling on the main roster….but then, showing her green. She taunts Khali, turning her back on a downed Natalya, clearly setting up for a move. But….she turns back too fast. Natty isn’t ready. So, she turns back to say more to Khali, who was already disengaged. OK, in fairness, perhaps Natty didn’t bounce up quick enough, but the experienced move is to slyly check to make sure, before walking back to the center of the ring only to realize…oops…ya botched it.

I am not sure what to make of the whole Big Show lawsuit angle. Obviously this will go on, and it was a way to show Otunga on the air…but beyond that? Meh. I could do without these kinds of “outside the ring” angles. Gets to be too far outside the squared circle for me.

OK….I take it back. There’s how it becomes relevant….but not a fan of Big Show in the title picture instead of Daniel Bryan. And a Show/HHH match? May be as painful to watch as it sounds. Does WWE have that little faith in Bryan, or is it part of a longer term plan to build him up, knock him down and build him up more? On the plus side, the locker room on stage showed some life instead of sitting back and taking it, and the crowd seems to be behind Show, so there’s that going for them. Much shorter segment/overrun than I expected. Many questions remain to be hashed out over the coming weeks.

Not a bad show. Started out super hot, had it’s usual peaks and valleys, and left quite a few loose ends to linger till next week-or beyond.


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