The Big Show has had enough. Bob Backlund still looks certifiably nuts. And John Cena apparently heals super fast.

Talk about opening with a bang…Stephanie and Big Show going at it in the ring. Maybe it’s me, but there’s something so….grating….about Stephanie’s voice. Not fun to listen to. Overall, the segment worked for me, even with Show’s storyline firing, because the big man got his backbone back, and sets things up….title match in the future? Match with HHH at some point in the future? All of the above? Stay tuned, as we all know we haven’t seen the last of Paul Wight.

Ziggler and Sandow part deux, just one night removed from the first go-round. Sandow looked like a man on fire for much of it, but Ziggler pulls this one out in the end. Again, makes me question the booking…I know he has the briefcase, but you do kind of owe it to viewers to make him seem credible.

Stephanie, sans Hunter, was Hell-bent in getting someone to apologize, sincerely. So Brad Maddox got the task. Out he came, apologizing for everything, and announcing that the fans would vote for the guest ref-a choice of Booker T, Bob Backlund or HBK. What I am left wondering is what Stephanie said to Brad-“is it all set up”. Does that mean they rigged the vote? Or what? I wonder….

Apparently, CM Punk has a new friend in R-Truth. Or, they just have common enemies. I will admit, it was a fun match to watch, though now I wonder how serious the rumors are of an R-Truth heel turn.

The Cesaro Giant Swing is a sight to behold. Guy is seriously strong and gifted, and honestly underutilized now. Sure, the Real Americans have been on TV, but they don’t really have any part in a substantive program right now. I think that Swagger and Colter are holding him down…and I will admit it, I still miss the guy’s entrance music. It grew on me.

So, ADR flirts with Vickie, trying to get a nice match? And where does the flirting lead? A match against…Ricardo. But wait, there’s more…in the form of his next opponent for the title….JOHN CENA. Wow, Cena healed up super fast. I think this one may be a too quick kind of return. Is the rush back a sign of John’s remarkable healing capabilities? Or the WWE’s over-reliance on Cena to fix what appears to be a floundering WHC picture. I really feel this is an indication of WWE not certain what they want to do with the WHC–they did not want to give it to RVD, they don’t seem ready to pull the trigger on Sandow’s cash in, so why not Cena?  I worry that coming back so soon (roughly a month early at least) that Cena might be rushing things, but we shall see.

And now we have the Wyatts and the Miz starting something? Perhaps Kane’s return isn’t as imminent as thought? Or was Miz’s escape just a way to keep the Wyatts on TV without really kicking off a program?

Heck of a six man tag match-what’s not to love about Cody, Dustin and Daniel Bryan versus The Shield? A lot of today’s young stars could learn a thing or two from Dustin Runnels about ring psych. Of course, HHH sits at ringside and leads to a re-start and a screw job ending…but then here comes the “fired” Big Show, who we were told was escorted out-but, of course, we never saw it-so it didn’t happen. The Shield tried, but ultimately Show knocked out Hunter, and we were left watching Bryan celebrate over the out-cold HHH. Nice ending for sure, but Show needs to work on the delivering of these knock-out punches. It just looked awkward, again. More like a love tap than a punch.

There was A LOT going on for RAW. Sometimes it worked, some things felt more rushed or forced. This is inevitable when you have a mere 3 weeks between PPV-something I think the WWE needs to address and adjust. One per month is more than sufficient. But, happy to see what looks like a strong Show face run, though I am worried about how it will turn into a HHH-Big Show match. My money is on VKM coming back and hiring Paul to be his muscle….which would make a ton of sense.

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