Really quick, out of the gate points:

1-I despise tape delay RAW’s.  Probably in part because I can’t avoid the spoilers, but either way it just feels less exciting than a usual RAW. No mystery, since the results were out there hours before the broadcast.

2-I really am liking Director of Operations Kane. However, I am beginning to wonder…is Glenn Jacobs ever wrestling again? Or is he already in need of more time off for an unspecified injury? If he’s masking an injury again/still, then why rush him back at all as they did? Could have just brought him back in current suit-form.

3-This week’s RAW theme? Handicap (match) awareness. As opposed to next week’s RAW Country. Yeehaw.

4-Why not throw one thought in about the diva match. On one hand, the Bellas are eye candy. On the other? Tamina has been butched up, and her Superfly Splash looked very un-Snuka-esque. I might be the only one who, during these matches, wishes for a return of Beth Phoenix/Karma/Chyna to just destroy the current divas. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

So Stephanie and HHH are on vacation? Or, just didn’t want to make the trip across the pond? Either way, in the grand scheme I think a week away from TV isn’t actually a terrible idea. I can’t say that I’ve missed them.

Nice to give Show a rebound spot after last week’s beat down, and worthwhile followup on the “injured” Orton. Orton very open about how much help he feels he expected or deserved to get from everyone…

So, Cena has a new friend? I knew Cena was one of, if not the biggest, Big E supporter for his face push….so does Big E go from being Dolph’s muscle, to AJ’s muscle, to Cena’s muscle? Could be.

Would have been totally OK with a Ziggler IC championship win in Manchester. Give the UK fans the joy of a title change, and get the strap off of the Perfect Progeny. Heck, could have brought out a repackaged Barrett in front of his home country fans and done the same, I would not have minded one bit. Axel with Heyman is bearable, because of Heyman. Axel without Heyman? Just not doing it for me. And of course, they brought Heyman out later…with Axel. Was Paul just late to the arena?

So…Orton is in a handicap match, walks out rather than taking the L, and gets destroyed by the Big Show. Super Cena, however, can pull one out against arguably the number one contenders for the tag team championships. Makes sense to me….

Somewhat unrelated to RAW was this poll WWE ran today, with fans having Undertaker as the Wyatts “devil”. I call this out because the last time I saw the Wyatt entrance, right when Bray says “we’re here”, I remembered one of ‘Taker’s entrance videos, with the creepy little girl, I believe, saying “he’s here”. On one hand, it sure seems like the Wyatt family, between their time prior to the main roster and now, has done enough to stand on their own. On the other hand, bringing back a heel Undertaker, in possibly a more active TV role without the wrestling wear and tear, could be interesting.

Could have gone without seeing Ryback and R-Truth. Ron’s live rap entrance theme just has gotten too old for me. Or, perhaps I am too old for it. Either way, it can become forgotten. And hearing the Goldberg chants during the match…funny, but really, how bad would that possible matchup be? WWE couldn’t really afford to not have Ryback go over, right? But, Big Bill doesn’t seem like he’d come back to lose to Ryback, either. Here’s hoping that never happens. Or, if it does, perhaps Stone Cold then comes out and delivers stunners to all involved.

It is aggravating to me, that it is now 2 weeks from Survivor Series, and not a SINGLE Survivor Series elimination match has been announced yet. Call me nostalgic, but it really seems so wrong that this PPV has become just another PPV, with the SS eliminations becoming more and more an afterthought. At this rate, I’d be surprised if there were more than  a couple decent elimination matches, and wouldn’t be surprised if the buildup for those is a joke.

Big E? Getting to be consistently enjoyable to watch, but you just knew ADR was going over here. Has to be protected, just 2 weeks away from his rematch with Cena.

Heyman’s back. With Axel. Because Paul couldn’t dare show up during Axel’s match. But…wasn’t this feud over with? Is Paul’s vengeance another Brock-Punk encounter? On the bright side, considering pretty much ALL of the kendo stick shots were right to that back brace, Heyman did a good job of selling them as if he could really feel anything from them…so there’s that, I suppose.

Punk and Bryan against The Shield-talk about a next gen main event. Though, this one just felt like it deserved more hype. Perhaps saved as a Survivor Series draw. Though, that could be the reason for this going the way it did, to set up a Survivor Series six man tag elimination (the traditionalist in me would be against it, but if it’s the closest we get to a decent and true SS elimination match, well, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose). The best part of this booking was Wyatts/Sheild, prior to the 5 on 2 beat-down just ahead of the babyface save. Crowd loved it, though I couldn’t really tell who they were partial to. However, watching Reigns v. Bray, that was easier for me to see as future face versus current heel. Though, as I said before, I HATE the Wyatt glitch being used for a run-in. Overall though, I liked this final segment. Lots of action, but a lot of new/young blood main eventing the show, which, as HHH would say, is good for business.

I was down on this week’s show, similar to last week’s effort. The final spot helped me a bit, assuming they use that for a Survivor Series elimination match set-up. If they don’t, then WWE has a lot of work to do in not a lot of time, with the PPV rapidly approaching and so far, only two confirmed matches as RAW went off the air.

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