As much as I’d like to say otherwise, right now this whole Authority angle is baffling me. At this point, it just feels like WWE is getting too cute. Trying to be too smart. They are just making it too complex and, I really feel, they are killing the entire angle, though I doubt that is their intent. That said, knowing what WWE has been capable of before, they may well pull off some out of left field swerve and save things. Just….I doubt it. Though, I guess if the goal was to make it look like they don’t favor Orton, or that he isn’t in their specific employ, perhaps they accomplished that.

On the IC title swap? Long overdue. Sure, maybe it was a nice story, Junior Perfect winning the belt his dad held so nicely, and on Father’s Day. But….from there it was downhill. Having him feud with Punk was good…or…could have been. But, having Punk win and not claim the belt was a mistake. Having Big E. claim it instead? I am liking what Big E. could become and what he’s doing now. Obviously, the jury is still out on him, especially as a newly minted champion, but I am willing to bet he’s not the next Marquis Cor Von. Though, for one down mark? Why do this just 6 days prior to a PPV that, if I see things correctly, is kind of lacking matches right now.

I really have nothing to add about the Maddox/Orton “match”. Or the Show/Ryberg match. Turning Miz heel again? Makes sense, if only because he was better as a heel, and any wrestler will tell you it’s vastly easier to be a heel as opposed to a face. Heck, people in general know it’s easier to be a jerk than a nice guy. I just don’t know if a Miz heel turn does anything in the grand scheme. i think Mike Mizanin has a shelf life and it’s rapidly approaching.

Michael Strahan? Guest hosting? Why, for the love of the wrestling gods, why? i thought the guest host idea died a long and drawn out death already? Though, I do have to admit, Strahan could be interesting….but…the placement seems odd. Is this a one time deal? Or is this going to turn into an LT/Bam Bam type angle, where Strahan becomes involved in an angle? Hopefully just the guest hosting…

Really liked seeing Xavier Woods “debut”, and someone in WWE showed a brain by allowing the former tag team to reunite. And the finishers for Woods? Really dug them. What was that, a Walk in the Woods? I dig man, I dig.

Nice to see Dolph have a decent, if gimmick filled match-and get the win, to boot.

Hey, semi-unrelated to RAW, but why on God’s green Earth do you wait till 6 days before Survivor Series to finally announce a single Survivor Series match? And while it looks good, it isn’t the matchup teased last week on RAW. And the intrigue of the mystery man was likely completely blown by having Rey return at the end of RAW. At least, that’s my guess. Me, I like Rey, but I would have kept this a mystery until the entrance music played on Sunday. Loved those moments about as much as the surprise entrants in the Rumble.

That 7 versus 7 Divas match? Totally. Not. Interested. Seriously. Can we just dial up Chyna, or Kharma, or Mae Young and just have ’em eliminate this match? As someone who loves the history of Survivor Series, barring the addition of another SS match, it’s insulting that one of the two matches billed as a traditional SS match is neither traditional (I can’t recall any SS match being anything but 4 or 5 man teams) nor interesting. It will be too much time devoted to a Diva’s match, unless they figure out a way to have a really quick multi-elimination.

It wasn’t a terrible RAW, and getting Rey back at the end was nice. Big thumbs up for the Langston win. But so much feels unsettled in terms of the card heading into Survivor Series. Really figured they’d get a 3rd elimination match, and while it’s nice getting a “Free” title change, you could have justified keeping that match for SS and putting Langston over then. Next stop….Survivor Series.

The main event was a good one. Surprised they did not tease more issues between the Shield, or between the Shield and Wyatts. We all can see it coming a mile away.

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