The first lesson? Looks like the Authority blew their load way too soon. Honestly, a unification match…at…TLC? Are things that bad? This honestly felt like a WrestleMania match, or at least what should be one. Not necessarily Orton, but Cena and the idea of unification. However, I will note that my first thought as Hunter said both titles suspended above the ring, is that each man will come down with one belt, thus still no unification. We shall see. But either way, we are past the point of saying “what the hell are they doing”. Because I really wonder if they even know. Is someone in charge performing their duties while under the influence? Concusssed?

For a brief moment, I actually thought that John was going to push Daniel Bryan’s case for another shot….but then it turns out it was just John going for the cheap pop.

Surprised that Shield/Rhodes and Rey went off first. Shield getting the win, Reigns getting hyped after last night’s performance, but, no further teasing of a split. Guess they will give it some more time to stew….

Ah, the bad idea of guest hosting is back. Hopefully for one night only. So are Miz (heel) and Titus (face?) now chummy? Is Titus leaving Darren Young and going heel again? Strahan can give ’em both hip-tosses, and then dance with them? I was kind of expecting a beat down on Strahan to relive Bam Bam versus LT in a few months, but as it was, that was a WTF kind of segment.

Big E and Henry get really a squash win over Axel and Ryback. What are they going to be doing with those two heels now? Is it already time for Axel to get re-packaged? And for Ryback, what a difference a year makes….

Up next…a rematch of the atrocious Diva elimination match. Wait…what?!?! Why on God’s green earth would you do that? To torture those of us smart enough to have not watched last night? Only reason I watched is some of those outfits are getting very minimal. Only time before there’s another wardrobe malfunction.

Oh….Ziggler and Sandow in a Long Island-themed match. Hamptons Hardcore? What next, a return of the Mean Street Posse? And, I even typed that out before JBL and Cole went there. As for Ziggler and Sandow….my how the mighty have fallen. One was a world champ, one was supposed to be the world champ in waiting, and now….in a gimmick match week after week. What’s wrong with WWE Creative and why aren’t heads rolling? Maybe the in-person reaction was better, but this one just didn’t do anything for me on TV.

GOAT….Or, the Beard and the Best….while I don’t like that neither of these guys is main eventing, they appear to be making the best of it and that, right there, is good for business.

Match wasn’t too bad…but the Wyatts taking Bryan and then The Shield out of nowhere….this makes things interesting, or confusing. Or both. Does this now mean that we don’t see Bryan on TV for a while, and when he comes back, he’s a clean-shaven suit wearing corporate type? I mean, that’s basically what happened to the last one they abducted, right?

I am digging Xavier Woods…but why have him out with the Funkadacyls to Broadus’ music? Does that not bode well for Mr. Clay? Or is this going to be Woods out to a different superstar’s theme music each week?

Ah, the main event. Show is going to town on Randy’s chest until…a commercial break? In the midst of the main event? Again? WTF….

Not a bad match. WWE playing the head injury angle up for Big Show…and of course, Orton has to get the first one up over Cena, leaving us with a shot of Orton holding both titles. Assuming they actually do unify belts in December, which belt would they keep? Do we get another redesign? I wish they’d bring back something like Hogan’s belt. That was a personal fave. Even the big globe one that Rock used.

Not a bad start on the road to TLC….though I still say the champion versus champion match reeks of desperation, or a lack of faith in the other wrestlers.

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