Seems like, for right now, the current MO of the RAW writing staff is start the show hot and…..forget the other 2 and a half hours of programming. OK, that’s probably a bit harsh, as there were a couple other watchable spots-nice to see Kidd back on RAW, looking quite….orange. And, the 6 man match was a nice spot fest, though kind of surprising you had ADR ringside and he doesn’t get involved in the match, just bickers with Zeb. And the final segment? Hooray, Show has his job back. And, because he has a good lawyer, or a better video guy, he’s got so much leverage that he can threaten legal action to get a WWE Title shot. Wait, what? Otunga is a scrub and a lawyer, when’s he going to claim discrimination on account of no black WWE champ and petition for one of his own? Do I think that happens? No. But…why not? That’s how much logic was just applied. Really have no clue what to expect or make of the Kane involvement with the Authority now. Unless they scrap the title match and do a 5 on 5 Survivor Series matchup with Orton/Kane/Shield going against Show + his four. God forbid they go back to the classic Survivor Series format where it was all…Survivor Series matches.

All sarcasm aside, the opener was both enjoyable and predictable. Not that Punk would win, but that the Wyatts would all get involved and that Daniel would come down and render aid. I didn’t mind it one bit, it was just sort of disappointing that by 8:30, the best of tonight’s RAW was in the books. Coming off of last week’s hot start and intriguing Wyatt involvement throughout, this one just never came close to it. ADR/Kofi was not terrible, but I’d like to see Kofi be more than an enhancement talent. Mr Natty Neidhart getting a W is both nice and confusing, because it wasn’t that long ago that Fandango got a much hyped first W over Jericho at WrestleMania. So is that outcome a boost for Kidd, or a knock on Fandango?

So, are we going to start calling the “team” of Santino, Khali and Hornswoggle  Freaks? Or can we just get them masks and South Park dolls and call them Oddities 2.0? How low are they on Ryback that this is the program he’s dropped into after CM Punk beat him? Can they not develop a better program for him?

Ziggler going over Axel…I like it. Ziggler should see a new push, and if they were unwilling to keep the WHC on him in the spring, or get it back to him over the summer, then give him an IC title run. Without Heyman, Axel loses a lot, and leaves him with…not much. I don’t think there are many fans who care that he has the belt at all. It’s bad for the belt, and it can’t be good for Axel either.

The way much of RAW progressed, I, and many others, seemed to expect a big deal in the last segment. I honestly immediately thought “Vince”, until Stephanie really quickly popped that bubble and said she let him back in. But, then she said ti was because of The Board, so I thought it was a glimmer of hope, that Vince would come out and be the driving force on the settlement. But…no Vince. Instead? We get the same 6 on 1 we have seen so much over the last few months, where the only difference is instead of gang attacks on Daniel Bryan, we have assaults on Big Show instead. I did think Show was better than decent on the mic, but otherwise I was underwhelmed. And Kane’s involvement? Sorry man, if you wear a suit and tie to the ring, you shouldn’t get to be called Kane anymore. And, really, all “Kane” can do is throw in chairs? He came down for what? For his theme to briefly “distract” and be a furniture mover? There better be a damn good payoff and soon, otherwise this whole angle/program has got to be on life support.

Can’t say I am excited about moving Bryan out of the main event for the sake of Big Show, though I thought the crowd reaction, if legit, says they aren’t totally devastated by a Big Show run in the main event.

I know that some building blocks were put out there for other Survivor Series matches (Bryan/Punk v Wyatts, Cena/ADR, Rhodes Brothers versus Real Americans), I just hope that by next week, we see more true Survivor Series matches developing. As I see it now, there aren’t many. The Survivor Series format-not just the matches, but the whole card being nothing but those matches-is something that seems to be cared about less and less. There’s plenty of time left, but here’s hoping we end up with more than two or three of them.

Overall, I felt this RAW was a downer. Good start, sort of a rehashed finish, and a lot of up and down action in the middle. The  longer they wait to bring back Vince, the longer I expect things to be on hold until at, or right after, Survivor Series to help fill the lull in December and January prior to the Rumble.

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