So, the Authority wants us to believe that they did not instruct the Shield to attack Punk. He’s not buying it….I don’t either. Though, it did lead us to the excellent line from CM Punk of asking when Kane became the big red asskisser. That was worth it. Seriously though, since they un-masked and neutered Kane, why not just allow him to come out as DOO Glen Jacobs? Beats the hell out of Yankem, DDS….

Ah, perhaps they are finally giving the IC title some love? Though, having a man who is less than a year away from the WHC title picture, and another who barely a month ago was declaring himself as the uncrowned WHC because of MITB….a demotion for Ziggler and Sandow, no? Though, if the WWE really is unifying the WWE and WHC belts, having them build up more cred for the Intercontinental strap is a wise-and long overdue-move. Couple thoughts here….if #HEELZiggler is a face now (sure seems like he is to me) then isn’t it long overdue for him to change his twitter handle? Word is he’s trying to get a new entrance theme (By Steel Panther no less. Could be quite the entrance). And, Sandow was a given as going over. Here’s hoping that, at TLC, WWE lets Langston and Damien have a nice 15-20 minute match, tell a really solid story and work on elevating that strap.

Divas tag match? Yawn. Seriously. Though, is it just me, or are they starting to talk up Summer Rae’s legs like they did Stacy Kiebler’s….since last I had heard, Kiebler turned down overtures to return. Though…right now, Summer Rae has nothing on Kiebler.

Bad News Barrett. Really? They tucked him away off of TV (due to his Visa issues), decided to repackage, and THATS what they come up with? Awful. God awful. Find out whose bright idea that gimmick was, and get them onto something else, fast. Like writing lunch orders. It’s a bad gimmick all on it’s own. It’s made colossally bad because it borrows naming from an epically bad heel from the 80’s. Why bother repackaging Wade at all, if that was their bright idea.

Bryan versus Harper and Rowan…..I think I am connecting the dots now. Punk goes 1 on 3 versus the Shield. is Bryan going to go 1 on 3 against the Wyatts?  (typed that before Jacobs announced the match), And have that somehow lead to a 2 on 6 match, which somehow leads to a Wyatts/Shield match at ‘Mania? OK, i doubt it, since that is a really roundabout way to get back to a place we already were a week or so back. But, I am taking into account WWE flawed writing….so yea, that is quite possible. All things considered….I like Bray’s head games. And, honestly, while I don’t want to see Daniel Bryan turn heel-I don’t think it makes sense right now-having Bray sell DB on the idea of tearing down the machine, i.e. The Authority, certainly could be teased and drawn out…..this could be interesting. Hope whomever in creative is in charge of this one is their ace.

Quick note on next week’s Slammys. Actually, a note, and a thought. First, the trophies…as I saw one of the ads hyping it, i realized the damn statues are naked. Yes, I know that Oscar is, but seriously, get them tights man. Just creepy. And the thought….did any one superstar do more, or make more, out of his Slammy wins than Owen Hart? Just another time for me to miss the Rocket.

Epic fail of the night? I am in the NYC market. They are advertising the MSG card for 12/26. The main event? Champion versus champion. Why not just say championship match between Orton and Cena, where it’s a general statement we expect to be true. As it is, sure seems like someone just blew something….

Ah, Xavier and R Truth taking on Broadus and Tensai. Does Broadus not have a girlfriend? Any friend? A mirror? The jacket to the ring was horrible, but then…dinosaur spikes on the tights? What next, someone in Stamford dusts off and refurbishes the old Mantaur headpiece and lets him wear that? Otherwise, this is one of those feuds for the sake of a feud, to get them some TV time. Meh.

Sin Cara versus Del Rio….ADR sounding ready to join Zeb’s stable….and Sin Cara getting what I have to call a huge win over Alberto. Is he finally ready to receive the size push that his hyped arrival would seem to have warranted? Maybe?

Shield vs Rhodes and Show? I dug it. I really did. Seemed the crowd was into it too, which is a plus. Really liked the pinning spot too.

CM Punk…auditioning for Broadway?

Miz and Kofi. A team…then not. Oh wait, Miz has a family friendly movie, he’s a face again. Movie’s out and done with? OK, turn him heel…again. No, really. we at WWE Creative didn’t know what we were doing here. Honest.

Poor Fandango. Named after a movie rental service. People like your valet more than you lately. And now? Squashed by Mark Henry.

Real Americans…coming out in matching warmups. It’s the little details that can go a long way, and I dig it. I have a feeling these two will be in line for the tag titles in the not too distant future.

Ah, the anti-climactic contract signing. It seemed good, but Cena lost me by saying Orton was or is the most gifted superstar ever. i get it, he’s putting him over, but seriously? That was comedy, right? Oh, and then he quotes Burgess Meredith from Grumpy Old Men. I know that was comedy…following the comedy, however, I will give WWE and both Orton and Cena credit in getting a good segment together (including all the clips leading up to it), to actually maybe make me interested in the TLC matchup. It’s not the one most of us wanted to see…..but they are giving it a fresh coat of paint and maybe….just maybe….

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