Well, it’s Komen time. I have to say, I like the pink middle ring ropes.

Congrats to Trish Stratus and future WWE superstar baby Maximus.

Congrats also (or should it be condolences?) to newly engaged Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

With those out of the way, on to the meat of RAW. Opening up with CM Punk tells me a couple things. One, they are giving him and his feud some deserved spotlight. No issues there. Second? Odds are he pops back onto RAW later…why else have a top talent open the show with a match? And, welcome back Big-E. Seems like forever since we’ve seen you…and looks like that rumored face turn was just that, a rumor. Loved how Langston sold the g2s.

Follow that with a nice Kofi/Fandango match, with Kingston grabbing the nice win, though the match was short. And, there are the Wyatts, in what ended up being an oddly put together segment, which is saying something since it involved the Wyatts. It left me scratching my head, as I don’t get why you’d have Kofi in the ring with a chair, Bray on the mic in the aisle and then….cut to commercial. Assumed there would be a beat down, or a tease for Kane’s imminent (in two weeks) return.

Finally we see Primo and Epico…er…Los Matadores...return. Debut, that is. Not a bad debut, however the midget as the bull was kind of weird, and I am not a fan of those masks. Makes them look like flamboyant Mexican pirates. Lucha style stars are renowned for their awesome masks, and that is all they could come up with?

Not to be glanced over, the punishment of Dolph continues, as he’s now been relegated to a pre-show kickoff match against Sandow. Ouch.

Ah, as the Rhodes Family turns. Knew there was going to be a match in here somewhere, and now we have it-Dustin and Cody against the Shield. Win, and they get their jobs back. Lose and every Rhodes is fired for good. Not clear yet if the tag titles are on the line, though I don’t expect them to be. And then, of course, the Shield sneaks in after the segment and beats them all down. Can’t believe Dustin didn’t have a gold suit…

Axel against R-Truth? Nice mind games for CM Punk, as well as setting up a possible title match for Truth at some point.

Brie Bella goes over on Alicia Fox, just building up the now off the market diva.

And then, the show took a really creepy turn. As in Paulrus furthering his bromance with Ryback, saying he was going to propose to him in the ring. What? Really? No need for it…just…out there. Way too out there. Ryback the bully is going to have Paulrus propose? Seriously, whoever in WWE creative cooked that up needs to be drug tested.

But, they bounced back, because apparently the world’s largest athlete finally found his presumably world’s largest balls, and is now angry and wants to knock HHH out. It’s about damn time, but let’s see how this one plays out. Honestly, would love seeing Hunter laid out, but I really don’t need to see a HHH/Show match. No thanks.

Back to the bromance? OK, the set up was super cheesy…but the payoff was sweet. Punk selling a knee injury while jumping the barrier in an effort to sneak attack Paul and Ryback, only to enjoy beating the entire Heyman stable with a kendo stick. For that kind of payoff, I can put up with the cheesy buildup.

Another week, another matchup featuring Ziggler and The Usos against the Shield. Unfortunately for Dolph, he eats a Reigns spear and takes the loss…but these matches are fun to watch.

And now we have the Real Americans. I miss Cesaro’s old entrance theme, I will admit it. And, while I don’t hate Santino’s schtick, why have someone as talented as Cesaro, wrestling so near the end of the show, only to lose to a comedy act? Which is really all Santino has been for a while now. Cesaro is one of the better workers. Puzzling.

And then, the “verbal only” interaction between Bryan and Orton. Did not take long for it to turn physical, get Brie involved or get Bryan destroyed. Way I figure is, if Bryan had looked really strong, odds would be longer for him to come out on top on Sunday. Not that I necessarily see Bryan winning, but there’s a sliver of hope that he might.

In all, I thought it was a pretty solid RAW leading into the PPV. Hoping the PPV delivers-really looking forward to the Rhodes/Shield match, in particular.

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