The Paulrus needs a scooter. But when that scooter “stalls”? Not a good opportunity to do damage.

Or, if you have offensive signs or bad behavior, security deals with that, but somehow manages to miss two tall men, one with a face painted gold and black, from jumping the guardrail and attacking The Shield.

Just two of my favorite points for the night.

I will say, for whatever reason, as I saw the 10 superstars on stage to begin the evening, and listened to Hunter and Steph, something just told me that tonight would be as good a night as any for a Rhodes return, and how they did it was pretty much along the lines I’d expected. While we all know that both Dustin and Cody have WWE contracts and/or permission to be doing what they are doing, I know there are some who may still not understand that. For the overall angle, I think it almost would have made more sense for Dustin to come out without the paint. I mean…him in face paint, who is going to miss that? But the initial return was, I think, quite well done. It raises a question or three for me-are they doing a match at Battleground now? If so, is it Dustin and Cody against all three Shield members, or do the Rhodes brothers have someone joining them? If it would be Dusty, I would cringe. At this point, his involvement in anything should primarily be in a managerial capacity only.

As for CM Punk: As much as Punk continues to get beaten up and beaten down, you just know at some point, some where, he will get his revenge. Sure, it was teased at Night of Champions, a brief glimpse given before WWE added Ryback to the Heyman stable. The poor guy comes home to Chicago and gets demolished, again. I still kind of dig how he always refuses the medical attention and limps off by himself, but how long will this go on? Heyman with Ryback does add a nice new wrinkle, but the previous Punk/Ryback matches (when Punk had the title) were enough, I thought. The best thing to come out of that program was The Shield. With Survivor Series not far off, would WWE look for a Heyman team versus a Punk team SS match? Already, Heyman would have two men, and I don’t know if they bring Brock in to be a part of it, though if they did, Paul would only need one more. But Punk? Thus far, he’s really flown solo.  So, direction-wise, these next couple weeks will tell us a lot about where Punk is going and where Heyman and his guys are too. I think the most likely scenario may be a tremendous beatdown of Punk, writing him off TV for a stretch and allowing him to heal up for the early 2014 PPV slate.

Of course, how could I not further comment on the opening segment, resulting in the unique 11 on 3 main event? It was interesting, for a moment, to hear Steph and Hunter basically turn the tables on the roster, as if they were really just challenging the talent’s manhood. For as little time on the mic as RVD gets, his retort was effective enough, though overall, I expected more from this. It wasn’t enough of a power trip to go along with the power trip angle, it seemed more condescending. As for The Shield, considering they were just put in an 11 on 3 match against a few top tier talents and other assorted faces, I think they could have sold mock indignation just a bit better. That they didn’t even tease being pissed off for being in that position sort of telegraphed how the night would be progressing-something that was only confirmed with the opening match seeing ADR destroy Kofi. Trot out most of the participants for the faces, have them get destroyed in earlier matches just to soften them up and make them weaker for the main event. I can understand why it was done the way it was, but it just seemed off compared to how things have gone.

Speaking of off, The Big Show’s weak knockout punch of the Miz was puzzling. Not that he did it, but that, after weeks of him crying and debating and resisting, he was told to do something and he just complied. Was that his official heel turn? Are we to assume now that he’s Stephanie’s official doer of dirty work? That’s what it felt like to me, but I have a feeling this gets drawn out a bit more before anything becomes officially crystal clear. If it ever does.

Maybe it was the fact that, for the second straight RAW, the faces were standing tall at the end of the show. It just felt like things could have been kicked into a higher gear. At least part of it is that we have just one more RAW before Battleground, and we only have three matches. Mind you, I think they are three solid matches, and there’s groundwork for others (a US title match and a Tag title match, since we know those #1 contenders). There will be a lot of pressure on next week’s RAW to deliver that final buildup.

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