Or, ladies and gentlemen, Hunter busts out an SAT word. Abeyance. As in, rather than allowing the Bearded One to actually hold the title for a while, HHH and Steph on their Power Trip have decided to suspend the belt. The insinuation is that referee Scott Armstrong, now fired, made the fast count as part of an implied side deal with Daniel Bryan-something Bryan vehemently denied. But hey, at least they let him hold it long enough that he got to put his side plates on…

In other happenings: The King has given Paul Heyman a new nickname. Apologies if it was coined earlier, but I’d never heard Heyman called the Paulrus before. Speaking of Paul, he has apparently engaged in a full on bromance with Ryback, going so far as to kiss him on RAW. Yup. Can’t unwatch that.

Miz, in his hometown, gets a shot at Orton. In front of Mr. and Mrs Miz. Considering Stephanie tore him a new one, pushing Orton back to his dark place (remember his days suffering through his disorder), it was no surprise Miz was assaulted early and often and left in a heap in the middle of the ring.

And let us not forget The American Dream. Or rather, Virgil Runnels. Man that forehead looks brutal. But, Stephanie offered Cody his job back. Or, perhaps Dustin? One or the other, not both. Stephanie again gets personal…uncomfortably so, and really is getting the deserved heat for it. Dusty tells her to go to Hell, so of course, here come The Shield. And, the unofficial fourth member? Or just Stephanie’s really big puppet, Big Show. Help? Of course not. Dusty gets to decide between a 3 on 1 beat down, or a knock out punch from a sobbing giant. Big Show makes the call for him, knocks him out and catches him before accompanying him to “the hospital”. As expected a few weeks back, the Rhodes family is getting involved in the Power Trip angle. Based on bits out of this RAW, they aren’t going away just yet. No disrespect to the Dream, but he is not “the star” to counter the McMahon ego. He certainly offers passion and has the bitter history with Vince and his family to have an ax to grind…but the most logical star was again hinted at, this time by Hunter. Whats that? You missed it? In the opening exchange, Hunter berated Daniel Bryan for allegedly conspiring with ref Armstrong to benefit from a quick count. “I thought Shawn would have taught you better”, he said. I don’t doubt for a moment that that right there is just another seed being planted. Its not a matter of it, but when.

Congrats to the Usos for getting another shot at The Shield…but why were PTP not involved in the match? Will they be getting another shot otherwise? Both teams are on the rise, to be sure.

Also lost in the shuffle? Dolph gets off the schneid with a win over Ambrose, albeit a day late and non-title. But, a win is a win.

One quick note on the “firing” of Scott Armstrong. I could be wrong here, but I doubt this is the last we hear from Scott. Hunter was quite happy to say how Armstrong would receive a nice package, that he’d be taken care of. Is that for his years of service, or because of what he knows about from last night? More to come, no doubt.

And, for being screwed, again, out of a World title? Daniel Bryan gets the main event of RAW. Against Roman Reigns. Seeing the time which Bryan headed to the ring, you just knew this wouldn’t just be a one on one match with a clean ending. And of course, it didn’t. Orton and The Shield got their usual beating in, and then, all of a sudden, a good number of faces poured out of the back, finally remembering they were all supposed to be alpha males. Orton bailed, leaving Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose to take the retribution, and allowing Bryan to end things on a high note-even though the title is in limbo. Plenty more to come between now and Battleground.

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