After the most recent RAW, WWE is clearly planting seeds in order to continue the Wyatts/Kane feud. While there were some who thought that, by way of being dragged off following his SummerSlam defeat that the Wyatts were going to add Kane to their stable, I still feel that this is not the right direction.

Kane has been a monster before-not that he hasn’t been of late, but lets be honest. He has largely been missing that demonic mean streak he had early on in his run as Kane, particularly as a monster heel Kane. I truly hope, with Bray asking the sadistic question of “where oh where has my monster gone?” that it is a subtle hint at bringing back the Kane of old. A monster, power face like Kane has been capable of in the past would be a welcomed addition to the roster. Looking at the face landscape, never mind the current predicament faces are in because of the corporate power play, there really is a lack of a big strong face. Big Show right now has been neutered. Mark Henry’s status is up in the air with his house show injury, plus he’s not far removed from being a heel. Ryback was that role, until WWE needed a heel for Cena and turned him. Unless WWE is bringing Matt Morgan back in soon, a revitalized Kane with a mean streak could be a godsend for the faces.

But, in order to bring him back, I don’t just bring Kane back solo. And I was left wondering, as I watched RAW, if Jerry Lawler didn’t let the cat out of the bag. Since Paul Bearer passed away, there isn’t a previous manager for Kane to link up with. But, there is a better option, one more bizarre and demonic than Paul Bearer’s character ever was. Lawler said (of Bray Wyatt), something to the effect of “he’s a minister who is sinister”. Clever word play? Or hinting at someone to come? For those not around for ECW, James Mitchell portrayed a psychotic Sinister Minister, an out-there character who, if WWE were to enlist his services in the Kane/Wyatt story, could help take it to new heights. Granted, this is all likely wishful thinking, but just imagine, one night in the not too distant future. The Wyatt family is standing in the ring on Monday Night RAW, having just demolished some poor foe. Bray takes the mic and starts talking down Kane-and then the ring posts erupt in flames, the arena is lit red, and clearly the Wyatts are startled. No return yet, but the teases are underway. A week later, a similar scenario unfolds, but when the arena comes from black to eerie red, the Sinister Minister sits in Bray’s rocking chair, eyeing the Wyatts in ring with a devilish grin. Next thing you know, a hand reaches up through the ring and drags one of the Wyatts away-we all know Kane is back at this point, but really, all we’ve seen is his hand. A week later, The Big Red Monster is back, with a new spiritual adviser along side, prepared to take him to some dark and twisted places as he takes on Bray and the family.

I’d be curious to see Mitchell in this role, since he’s predominantly played a heel manager, but if WWE could script such a follow up to this angle, I think it would help give this feud the legs it needs to culminate in a ‘Mania match, where they could finally wrap up the feud.

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