They came back ‘home’, they conquered RAW’s tag team, snagged those belts, and now find themselves without any championships, nor in the title race scene. The Hardys returning to the WWE at Wrestlemania has been the best thing on RAW as of late. But, what’s next for the Hardy Boyz when it comes to the WWE?

Well, it’s easy to see, based on the July 10th edition of RAW, that they may slowly be entering their previous #Broken status.

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Much light had been shed on Hardys prior to re-entering the WWE and the Broken gimmick received a lot of attention and praise for the superstars during a time where all people could talk about was TNA’s downfall.

But, will they be broken together or separately? Will the gimmick work for them to reclimb that tag team division ladder or is it time for them to dive into singles competition?

While I would love to see the Hardys branch out as singles competitors, the reality is, RAW’s tag team division is slowly thinning with the breakup of a couple of teams, and the brand still needs the Hardys as a duo for now. Mid-cards R-Truth and Goldust recently went their separate ways, as well as Enzo and Cass, and while Revival was called up – an injury has kept them from any real competition. No real NXT call ups in terms of tag duos seem on the horizon and RAW is now left with a sparse tag division. Still, the #Broken gimmick is sure to make its way into the WWE platform very soon, based on media reports and the fact that they are close to a legal settlement around the entire ordeal, The Hardy Boyz are likely to turn obsolete … together. The teasing and hinting is a great way to help build up hype, but once they dive into this, chaos is sure to ensure; the good kind, the kind that will keep us fans glued to WWE television.

I’m excited about this idea, regardless. There is still the teaming of The Club and Cesaro and Sheamus to help them battle this idea out and once #Broken is out in open, The Hardys can stir things up within the tag groups and then potentially (and eventually) branch out into singles competition.

There will come a point, as with every tag team, that these two are likely to split, and there is a plethora of opportunities to showcase #Broken within the singles spectrum. The ideal choices, and ones that come to mind instantly, are of course, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and potentially the likes of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Each of these superstars would pair nicely in a program with either Broken Matt or Brother Nero when it comes to one-on-one programs and it should make for an interesting dynamic.

WNZ fans! Would you like to see the #Broken gimmick relayed in RAW’s tag team division or would like to see Jeff and Matt split up and have a singles’ run? Who would you like to see them feud with?

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