Yes, I know there are many out there who don’t care if John Cena will propose to Nikki Bella, and then there are tons of Total Divas/Total Bellas fans who do. The program that has unraveled hyping up to the WM 33 mixed tag match that pits The Miz and Maryse against Cena and Bella has been fantastic; mainly due to The Miz and Maryse, with honorary mention to John Cena for cutting some savage promos.

The ‘Lost Footage of Total Bellas’ segments have been fantastic, hilarious, and sincerely a highlight of SmackDown LIVE (I almost wish they wouldn’t end), and the center of Maryse’s mocking towards Nikki is that coveted “ring” she has yet to receive from “Jawn”.

There are numerous reports indicating the John Cena might propose to Nikki come the Grandest Stage of Them All and that this match very well could be Bella’s swan song as she heads into retirement or the very least a part-time status, as the superstar seems to be having issues with her neck. Interestingly enough, CagesideSeats recently reported that Bella is still be advertised for house shows, after WM 33.

So, here’s my thing with this entire situation. I have zero problem with Nikki Bella and John Cena. I respect their careers and what they have done in this business. Heck, I think they make a cute couple and I do wish they would get married and have kids. But, I’m not a columnist who gives advice on love and relationships … I write about ‘rasslin’. And the only weak spot of this entire program has been Bella. Not physically or her wrestling ability (I thought it was pretty awesome last week that she lifted and dropped Breezy Bella, a.k.a. Tyler Breeze and had him submit); but, her mic work isn’t up to par. Still, it’s hard to compete when your partner is John Cena who is bantering with The Miz; two awesome talents when it comes to promo work. The only other weak spot I find in this program is the kissy-face going on between Bella and Cena to the point where I never questioned that their relationship was fake, until these past few weeks when the two have been laying it on thick. Now, it could be for the program, and directed by Creative, so I’ll give these two the benefit of the doubt.

Do I think John Cena is going to propose to Nikki? All the program arrows are pointing that way. A fairytale ending that would work hand-in-hand when it came to promotion of Total Divas/Bellas (which also happens to enter a new season April 5th). And while it would most definitely be any female talents dream to be proposed to on the Grandest Stage of Them All (or any female’s fan for that matter), I have to admit, while the idea of it all sounds romantic, the reality of it is … she knows this is coming … whether by reading reports that are out there on the internet or the simple fact that the storyline idea has had to be thoroughly discussed by Creative. Reality TV is also not at all spontaneous and the idea of a proposal that coincides with a new season of show seems to lack luster.

Which, leads me to believe the hype is really all that is … hype. How insincere and unnatural would it be if John Cena did propose at Wrestlemaia? After numerous reports have flooded out that he ‘might’ … would this not hurt both characters to some capacity? Would it somewhat not prove The Miz and Maryse correct, that the Cena/Bella relationship is only for the cameras? Would it not be a moment better left without an arena filled with screaming fans, cameras everywhere, and millions watching at home?

But like Goldberg versus Lesnar has been established to draw in the casual fan, my guess is this ‘perhaps’ proposal leak might also me set up to draw in main stream fans, waiting to see if their Total Divas hero will propose to their Total Divas heroine.

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