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Back in the springtime, Mojo Rawley had been relegated to a singles guy again, because his partner was on the injured list. And, quite frankly, he made the most of it-he won himself the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. But since then? That big trophy has not really catapulted him to new heights, has it? Oh sure, since that win, Rawley and Ryder started tagging again as Zack was healthy enough to do so,  but the two have been spinning their tires. The match where Ryder was injured was the turning point, as he was injured in the process of securing the spot as #1 contenders for the tag titles. With the injury, the momentum and buzz died.

Call it tough luck, or a bad break or bad timing. All of the above, if it makes you happy. But the reality is, the Hype Bros missed their window, and for whatever reason, they could not recapture the magic in 2017. So, on the last SmackDown in November, after much teasing and hinting, we finally saw the Hype Bros implode. I had honestly expected it to be Zack Ryder going heel once again, but it was in fact Mojo Rawley who snapped and beat down his former partner. And, after I absorbed it all, I have a hard time arguing with the move.

A turn could be a great thing for both men, but most  likely for Rawley it will be better. Can he use this to move through the lower and mid parts of the card? Perhaps. For now, he should be focused on making his mark on that mid-level realm. Like, Baron Corbin and his United States title. There’s already a (flimsy) motivation-pit two Andre Battle Royal winners against one another, this time vying for an even bigger prize.

While I am not going to call Mojo the next Shawn Michaels, it’s entirely possible that down the road a few years, we will look back and see this as Rawley’s Barbershop moment. That point in his WWE tenure where he turned the corner, management gave him a chance and he ran with it. Or we could be sitting here in a few years wondering what happened to him and why it took WWE so long to release him. Either is possible. Which way this goes all depends on whether Mojo is going to get his groove back.

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