As another WWE pay-per-view (PPV) once again rolls around, it`s natural for the question to start hovering into people`s minds. Will he, or won`t he, cash-in his contract at Sunday`s Hell in A Cell? Here are my thoughts.

Since the moment he won the briefcase, I never thought Sheamus would cash-in successfully. He just doesn`t seem like the next guy to hold the WWE title to be honest. While he has held the World Heavyweight Championship in the past, with the new flock of talent, and the main event contenders list seeming a little crowded; I have always chalked up his Money in the Bank (MITB) win as shock value. Shock value because at the time of the MITB match, most thought Roman Reigns was a shoe-in to win the briefcase. Weren`t most of us surprised when Sheamus climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase, and was crowned Mr. MITB?

Therefore, in the back of my mind, I`m not necessarily looking for an opportunity for Sheamus to win the title, I`m looking for an opportunity for Sheamus to once again surprise the WWE Universe with a cash-in, and a loss; adding his name to the list of those superstars who have had unsuccessful cash-in attempts (i.e. Damien Sandow and John Cena). If that is the case, cashing in the MITB briefcase at HIAC may make sense. Sheamus interrupts the WWE World Heavyweight title match, loses his chances to win the gold, and costs Demon Kane the match. Rollins is able to move to a new program, the Director of Operations gimmick is done for Kane (for now, maybe not forever), and Kane moves onto a feud with Sheamus.

Alternatively, as my colleague John Deegan recently wrote about (as well as some WNZ readers) there is the option of Sheamus cashing in after a Kane win; thus, Kane keeps his job, but does not move on as champion. As endearing as this scenario is (as Kane would add another WWE title to his resume), what is the aftermath to this scenario? Sheamus as WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Does he move on to have a feud with Seth Rollins … or Kane? While I have complete respect for Kane, and his tremendous career, would it be fair for a veteran to be in the title picture race for two back-to-back programs? Especially with all the younger talent nipping at the heels for this opprotunity? Moreover, with Sheamus currently lying within the mid-card, does it make sense for him to be catapulted into the main event scene? He`s barely even on the HIAC card, currently in a six-man tag match during the Pre-Show; I guess being on the card on some capacity is better than not being on the card … which was the case at last month`s PPV, Night of Champions. Moving from not being placed on a PPV to champion closing shows seems highly unlikely.

Then, there is the flipside of the coin, with the idea that he won`t cash-in at this PPV, and that seems much more likely at this point and time. I mean, anything can happen, but a cash-in shocker seems more appropriate for a main event match, and from the looks of it, it doesn`t seem that the WWE World Heavyweight title match will close the show.

Do you think Sheamus will cash-in this Sunday? If so, list your scenarios! I would love to read them!

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