Everyone knows that, in wrestling, you can’t win them all. Someone (usually) has to lose. Someone always loses eventually, that’s how a program comes to an end. A match like Hell In A Cell is designed to have a decisive winner, though it has had some unique finishes. But as I read over the history of the event, I couldn’t help but notice that there are some bigger names that have had matches within the Cell, but were never able to conquer it.

Those I found most surprising:

The Rock. Probably never won within it, because he was only battling in one once. He was away from the game during much of the structure’s existence and use, and his movie career likely has benefited from that. But the fact that he never won a Cell match? Surprising nonetheless. In his defense, his loss was in a 6 man match, so there were going to be 5 losers.

Chris Jericho. Surprising because he is one of the best wrestlers over the last twenty years, came up empty in his only Cell match.

Steve Austin, one of the biggest names in the sport and the driving force behind the Attitude Era. He lost in the Cell not once, but twice.

And to me, the most surprising name on this list? Mick Foley, who battled in the Cell under several of his monikers over his career, came up short in all four of his Cell matches. For someone who immediately comes to mind when discussing Hell In A Cell matches because of his extreme spots, it’s just incredibly surprising that he was not given even one victory in the structure which, arguably, he made famous with the most extreme Cell spots ever.

WNZ readers, who else are you surprised to learn has been held winless in the Cell? Check out the list here.

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