OK fans, it’s almost that time. We are not that far off from the final of WWE’s “Big Four” PPV, Survivor Series. My own feelings about the event have been documented on this site before (a refresher, I miss the entire card, or vast majority, being Survivor Series matches). Looking at how current programs are shaping up, there are quite a few scenarios I could see playing out. Here are my top desired matches.

Wyatt Family versus New Shield.

This one gives us Bray, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and a returning Erick Rowan going up against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton and a mystery partner (yes, I know they did this once this year, but it can be done again). Twist one would be to have the mystery partner be a double-crossing Rowan, leaving The Wyatts a man down. Twist two would be for Reigns and company to go outside and bring in an NXT type. The teams could increase to five on five, if WWE opted to put Bo Dallas or Adam Rose in The Wyatt stable. A fifth for New Shield? I’d do my best to get Daniel Bryan in there-it’s a huge tag match, he says he’s OK to go but WWE won’t clear him yet, and in this kind of match it would be very easy to limit him but still utilize him.

Divas versus Divas

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Natalya and a fourth-either Bayley (my choice) or Paige (if they want to push the dysfunction), going against Team Bella and a fourth, to be determined. This is one that I know the card needs (a Diva match), but the way WWE has the Divas going against one another, we have things in threes. Could they do a first ever Divas 3 on 3 on 3 elimination match? Maybe? Team Bella versus Team BAD versus Team Charlotte/Becky/Bayley? That one might play well….

Tables versus Trombones

This would be more of a dream match. On one side, New Day and 2 more, perhaps The Ascension. On the other? The Dudleys plus any tag team-Lucha Dragons would be a good move here-imagine these high flyers around tables? Whats that, you say? That’s four on five? Or is it….yup, for this one, for my dream scenario, the heels think they have a man advantage. Until the music hits, and out stomps Spike Dudley to make the sides even. I can dream.

So what would you want to see on this upcoming card? Be it Survivor Series matches, singles matches, the choice is yours. Throw out a single match, throw out the entire card. Let’s hear what you want to see booked!

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