Recently, Becky Lynch spoke out following NXT:Respect, saying that she feels Divas can eventually main event WWE PPVs. We have, after all, seen WWE Hall of Fame Divas main event RAW, so why not a major PPV? Why not…WrestleMania?

Perhaps that’s a dream that never ends up a reality, but let’s just discuss this, shall we? Keeping in mind the many decorated women who have graced a WWE ring over the decades, we have perhaps the most female talent on a WWE roster at once, right now. Current champion Charlotte, former champion Paige, contender Naomi and former NXT Champion Sasha Banks are all going at it at the same time, and that doesn’t even get into the contributions from The Bellas, Alicia, Natty and others. In short, right now, the Divas division is stacked, and there’s still more talent getting ready to break through in NXT.

So, while an NXT main event may not seem like much, and I won’t dare compare it to a SummerSlam or WrestleMania level main event, why couldn’t the Divas get there? Is it really so crazy? Sasha and Bayley just had a 30 minute spectacle, something that could actually merit Match of the Year honors-not for Divas matches, but for all matches. And Bayley isn’t even on the main roster yet. So why couldn’t we see a similar 30+ minute match, on the grandest stage wrestling has to offer, as the main event attraction? Could you imagine Sasha versus Bayley for the Divas title at a future ‘Mania? Or Sasha versus Charlotte? Or any other Divas pairing, primarily leaning on those recent call-ups?

Five or ten years ago, if I’d suggested it, you’d think I was crazy, and I wouldn’t blame you. But now? Not so crazy, is it? At the end of the day, if WWE can craft a compelling storyline, handle a proper buildup and give them ample time and creative space to steal the show, I see no reason why Divas couldn’t garner the main event.

Would you want to see a Divas main event at a future WrestleMania?

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