It’s a question worth asking, especially since lately I did ask who we could next see come from TNA to WWE. How about who we next see making the leap from NXT to the main roster? There are certainly a number of intriguing possibilities, so it’s absolutely worth discussing. I will get things started by mentioning my current favorites, though I know we will get some excellent contributions from the readers, some of whom are rabid followers of the NXT brand.

Bayley. She’s on my list for two reasons. First and foremost? She’s the current NXT women’s champion, so right there that tells me she should represent the best of that division. And once you peak in NXT, there really should be only one place left to go, and that’s the main roster. The other? She’s been having some really excellent matches, most notable of late the 30 minute clinic that she and Sasha Banks had at NXT:Respect. I do think she can wait a bit to come up, so I would actually guess her debut on the main roster sits somewhere following WrestleMania 32.

Finn Balor. On here, again, for the same reason as Bayley. He’s the champ, so his next logical step is onto the main roster. But with the recent influx of talent, along with the youth movement, I see his main roster debut at least 6 months out. He is likely to get an entry into the Royal Rumble, with a full time push coming in the Spring or early Summer.

Samoa Joe. This one is super-obvious. He’s already made a huge name for himself, well before heading to NXT. His debut in NXT was quite simply epic, and any time I watch it, it gives me goosebumps. Any time a mystery opponent is mentioned, Joe is speculated about. He’s not a green talent, so if and when WWE decides he’s ready or they need him up, he will be there. Which could be any day now, honestly. I

James Storm. He’s obviously new to NXT, but not new to wrestling. He’s done his time in TNA, so really WWE has him in the developmental world to get used to the WWE way of things as much as anything else. Like Joe, Storm could really be called up any time and be plugged in reasonably well, but at this point I am thinking a Royal Rumble main roster debut for him is most likely.

What say you, readers of WNZ? Who is going to be the next one making their main roster debut from NXT?

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