What better topic to talk about than the still-fresh-in-our-minds Hell In A Cell clash between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. It was heavily hyped, heading into the show, as their final encounter. Nothing the announce team said during the show, or the match itself, did much to change that opinion (though I think a window was left a tiny bit open). But, after the match concluded? In spite of the low blow usage, and JBL declaring it shouldn’t end like that? It certainly had a feeling of finality to it.

On one hand, I cannot imagine these two can top this. I don’t even know if they should try to. I’m not sure if WWE could even sanction a return match, to be quite honest. Compared to how deflating their WrestleMania match was, this most recent program between the two has been, I have to say, well executed on all accounts, and likely much better than I ever thought it could be.

So, just how epic was their match? Where will it land in the annals of all Hell In A Cell matches? Tough to say. On a night where we got not one, but two very good Cell matches, the one that went on last was clearly the best. But, if there’s anything I could say it was lacking, it was a signature spot. That’s not to say it didn’t have some really notable ones-Brock ripping the mat up and showing off some (limited) sections of bare plywood, and the spots it came into play on, will qualify. But we had no top of the cage spots. No flying off the cage into the announce table. And I didn’t expect any, but those set the bar. I think the plywood spots will come up a bit, deservedly so. But for me what made this match approach an epic status? The blood.

Yes, I know, I probably sound barbaric. And I am not chanting for more blood. But when you have a match like Hell In A Cell or Elimination Chamber, those matches in those structures almost require some bloodshed from time to time. The amount of blood we saw in that match, from both men, tells me that they both felt the match needed it, possibly even deserved it, and it was a compelling part of the story they told. And when they agreed to go that route, Creative-including Hunter and Vince-blessed the decision. This isn’t ECW, where any old jobber got to bleed. This was a big deal. And considering at one point Lesnar looked like he was doing a Finn Balor body paint impersonation, so heavy was the gigging, I think that just underscores how significant it was.

I can’t say if I would make it a top 10 or even a top 5 Cell match. But for Undertaker especially, if this one truly is his last Cell match (and it’s hard to imagine his body enduring another one like this one) I think it at least ranks among his best work in the structure, which is saying something.

Where do you think this match will rank?

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