Yes, I am crazy. I don’t deny it. But for me, ALL the matches on Sunday night should be happening from within the Cell structure. The event is called Hell In A Cell, after all. Why should we be limited to just two Cell matches?

I mean, seriously, after what was a really good tag team match at Elimination Chamber, why not run a tag team championship match within the not-so-friendly confines? For one, we’ve seen tag matches inside the Cell before (so there’s a history) and for another, the excuse is built in. The Cell keeps the 3rd New Day member outside. In theory at least.

Why not let the Divas go at it from inside there too? Same idea as above, really. There are more than a few interested parties not named Charlotte or Nikki, and again, what better way to keep out the riffraff? And this is supposed to be a Revolution, where the ladies are getting good enough to main event NXT and beyond, so this really is just all about equal treatment, no?

Point is, virtually all the matches on the card could either make a case for the Cell, or if nothing else, could be given a completely new dynamic by making use of the structure. It allows for some amazing spots that, on most other nights, are simply not possible-something I am sure most wrestlers are grateful for.

I suppose I could soften my stance and say we should at least have more matches inside the Cell-I for one am somewhat disappointed that the WWE Title will be decided in a non-Cell match.  It should happen from within the Cell, as should Cena’s Open Challenge, and probably the IC title match as well. Having all title matches contested within the Super Cage? Awesome, best for business, win for the fans. The wrestlers might hate us for it, but how amazing could that be? And, this is one of those nights that WWE needs to let the Superstars (and Divas) channel the Attitude Era again for a night. Meaning, it’s a Cell. A chain link fence and a lot of other unforgiving metal parts. Let there be blood!

What do you say, WNZ readers?

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